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Organizations are facing a large number of changes as a result of new trends that are quickly gaining ground in various markets. To cope with these dynamics, it is vital that companies optimize all the processes in their value chain to enable them to identify their competitive advantages and thereby maximize the value added to their business. They need to optimize key indicators such as Time to Market (TTM), Time to Solution (TTS) and Time to Production (TTP), and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their applications.

Those applications that are fundamental to the business need to completely encompass the business process.

SONDA Applications services enable our customers to meet key requirements in this area, such as becoming global, enabling growth without injecting more capital, and responding to the threats and opportunities of the modern economy, such as the aging labor force, growth at marginal cost, etc.

SONDA Applications services can enable customers to achieve greater functional coverage, which reduce IT gaps through customized developments that include standardized products, or the customization of products such as SAP, MAXIMO, JD Edwards or FIN700, etc. They can achieve greater system integration, improving the connection between components within the value chain, thus reducing isolated systems. They can achieve greater stability in business-critical systems, where IT platform availability and performance is vital. They can provide better support to changes in functional coverage, improving application corrective and evolutionary maintenance services. Basically, our Applications services manage all application development, maintenance and support, so that our customers can focus on the strategic priorities of their business.


Since 1974 we have provided major organizations throughout Latin America with excellent application services for various industries, within both the public and private sectors.

Our customers have experienced growth and digital integration in their value chain from systems that have provided them with first-class integration, reusability, portability, scalability and security. These aspects generate competitive advantage, which in turn generate new business models that only become viable in such a developed digital ecosystem.

We provide an innovative and flexible range of solutions, both in terms of practical approaches and of business models. In practice, we offer application maintenance services and production support, application testing, enhancements, updates, comprehensive application development and legacy application modernization. Also, customers can choose between dedicated solutions, shared solutions and on-demand solutions.

Our Applications services customers include: CODELCO (Chile), Internal Revenue Service (Chile), Metro (Brazil), Banco de Credito (Peru), Panama Canal Authority, Medellin Metro (SAP Colombia), Sony (SAP Brazil), Bosch (SAP Brazil), and LaGeo (Mexico).