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Software Development Center (SDC)

The SDC can deliver effective improvements to your business using the latest advances in technology.

Cutting costs, ensuring significant improvement in IT processes, and streamlining how claims are handled are some of the most difficult tasks faced by the corporate world and technology areas.

How does it work?

Nevertheless, CDS focuses on developing software for different technologies and platforms (mobile, web, mainframe, ERP, and BI), in addition to meeting your business expectations.

SONDA offers solutions that will meet the demands and needs of your business in an efficiently and effectively manner. Our Software Development Center (CDS) seeks to bring innovative, agile projects and ensure innovation for your sensitive business processes, while supporting your strategy with our software.

Some solution benefits


tangible, and efficient solutions.

Adapting business models

to the user experience.

Process automation

in software development.

Increasing revenues

and productivity.

Highly scalable

technical competence center.

The SONDA Expertise

SONDA has the experience required to meet all your business demands, offering solutions for the development, support, and maintenance of applications in a shared and dedicated manner, as consolidated by the IT best practices, such as: ITIL, Cobit, SCRUM, DEVOPS, ISO, and PMBOK, among others.