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Functional Support

Our Functional Support Services are aimed at supporting the use of business applications, and resolving issues regarding system functionality with respect to the original design.

This support is provided through a Service Desk and Functional Support to End Users. We receive the operational concerns raised by users regarding functionality and channel these incidents for subsequent resolution, in accordance with the service quality indicators agreed in the SLA’s.

These services include:

– Support to launch the service, by providing consultants with expertise in the customer’s facilities, who are dedicated exclusively to meeting internal requirements arising during the launch.

– Telephone Support: SONDA provides a telephone support service for SAP users once the application goes live to resolve problems regarding misunderstanding its use, operation or in training.

– Support in the field, which includes:

  • Preventive Consulting: Identifying problems associated with poorly-defined procedures and erroneous system operations, taking advantage of application functionality, and identifying operational platform problems associated with the system.
  • Corrective Consulting: Troubleshooting and correcting problems caused by system misuse due to poorly-defined administrative procedures. Also, correcting problems in the operating platform.
  • User instruction on system use: Operational support regarding functions that users do not fully understand, or training for new staff.
  • Taking advantage of existing functionality.
  • Correcting user errors: Where necessary, we provide support to quickly correct user operational errors.
  • Support to define and improve administrative procedures: We suggest improvements in the operational and administrative procedures that our customers are developing, and if necessary, support the preparation of documentation for these activities.
  • Support for special database queries: Users may possibly require queries or reports that are not structured in the systems. The support consultant is also qualified to deliver this service.
  • Raising new requirements or specifying new adaptation requests to SONDA.