Integration Projects

We have experience in managing projects of great complexity and size.  We adhere to best practices and technology standards, so can minimize risk and optimize the budget.  We can identify in advance problems that always arise when managing integration projects and proactively resolve them. 

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It is becoming increasingly common for organizations to carry out radical transformation processes that involve the integration of various systems, to increase market share and match the long-term needs of customers.

Organizations facing a systems integration project have an ally in SONDA. We can help to identify the challenge or problem where effort needs to be be focused, then propose solutions and work on the design and construction of the optimal solution, whilst ensuring that this meets long-term quality expectations.

Our project and systems integration solutions are end-to-end and may include planning, design, implementation, and project management for software solutions, with associated services. These span the integration of software components (own or third parties) through to hardware and communications, with the aim of resolving the technical or specific business requirements of customers through the appropriate use of IT. Thus reducing the number of suppliers, with SONDA taking full responsibility for the entire project (one-stop shopping).