Innovation has been a key factor in SONDA's growth and success, and a constant commitment in the evolution of our services, solutions and our customer's business processes.

Innovation is a vital force within companies, maybe the most important, as it generates new services and adds value to our environment. It is a common denominator across all our strategies to improve, grow and create value.

SONDA focuses its innovation on the following areas:

SONDA innovates its services, to generate new solutions and products that meet the requirements continually arising at businesses and organizations.

SONDA innovates its operations, to improve processes, organization and marketing, where disruptive change is involved.

Innovation at SONDA is generated from the understandings and requirements that we detect during our continual interaction with customers, partners and suppliers; as well as initiatives driven by our professionals. Other agents in the innovation ecosystem also play an important role in the innovation process, such as academic bodies (conventions with Innovation Centers at UC and IAU - Cloud Lab) experts, consultants and specialists that participate in innovation events organized by SONDA (SONDA Talks, BOF, SONDA Innovation Day).