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We deliver solutions that provide companies with
improved functionality

We understand our customers desire to digitally transform, optimize their business and provide multi-channels for their customers.

We understand how process automation is accelerating, and how integration with Artificial Intelligence can improve business functionality.

In this sense, we see how process automation advances at a rapid pace, along with the added integration of Artificial Intelligence to obtain greater business functionality.

We minimize technological complexities so that our customers can concentrate on their business


We integrate the entire life cycle of your processes

Our solutions can integrate all our customer’s life cycles and processes, including relationship management for their entire value chain and their customers.

We employ professional experts from each particular business, so our customers can interact with specialists who understand them and their business language. We develop and integrate solutions for many industries, where we resolve all their financial, operational, logistics and sales issues, as well as any special productive processes.

  • ERP (F700 y SAP)

    Our ERP modules typically focus on one area of the business, but all work together using the same data to meet the needs of the business. Finance, accounting, human resources, sales, purchasing, logistics and supply chain are popular starting points. Companies can choose the module they want, and add and scale as needed.

    ERP systems also support industry-specific requirements, either as part of core system functionality or through application extensions that seamlessly integrate with the suite.

    Tax Solution

    Our solution directly adds value to the operation and management of companies' tax/fiscal areas. Its scope of action not only addresses the generation of tax obligations at the federal, state and municipal levels, but also allows companies completely manage all the procedures and activities necessary for this process to be completed successfully.

    It has a Cockpit, which is an information center for managers to monitor fiscal and governance processes. It offers electronic document management functionality, processing or archiving the required documents. With high performance and security, the solution is natively compatible with SAP ERP and adaptable to any other ERP system, using an interface for the exchange of information between banks

    Foreign Trade

    Our products cover the complete processes of Import, Export, Operations Management, Foreign Exchange and Special Customs Procedures.

    Collections and Pensions

    Our solution consists of a set of interrelated modules, grouped by business processes that functionally cover all the needs of the area of operations of a retirement, pension or retirement fund manager. It is characterized as a modern solution that produces significant efficiencies and economies of scale in the operation of the Administrators.


    We help our clients standardize and simplify their business processes to improve their levels of efficiency and competitiveness. We believe that our solutions and services generate a positive impact on our clients, allowing them to generate value and competitive advantages.

    For this reason, we provide applications and solutions, accessible from the cloud, that follow, trace and cost the production process from start to finish, accompanied by a comprehensive service model with a 360° vision, focused on the needs of the client and on the life cycle of their business.

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