Innovation Generation Center

Innovations in the world of technology are emerging every minute. Good ideas for new solutions often have to be left aside because implementation is very complex, either due to a lack of resources or lack of a clear strategy for translating innovation into results.

How does it work?

Co-development in partnership

By identifying a problem that requires a disruptive approach, CGI can help clients break down the most complex obstacles in their business. Through a collaborative partnership, we implement an immersion model within five (5) days, so together, we can identify a business’s specific needs and propose an effective solution!

By using an innovative concept known as SONDA, we join forces with clients to help their organization break down barriers and implement solutions designed for the present and the future.

Some solution benefits

Add value to your business


Develop offers with high deliverability rates


Resolve problems according to the needs of each client


Support from a team of highly trained and experienced individuals


Delivery of a solution in a short period of time


The SONDA Experience

SONDA has the solution you need for every issue you encounter, and puts your ideas into practice! With CGI (Center of Innovation Development), your ideas turn into a business opportunity and create a real competitive edge.

Add value to your business. Create a strategy with us. SONDA has the best solutions to meet your business needs.


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SONDA’s objective is to TRANSFORM your business into a competitive and efficient model, and resolve complex problems with simple and agile solutions.



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