Our Housing and Hosting solutions address a major risk for companies that have their servers at their own facilities, providing a safe, reliable, and flexible environment with redundancy. 

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Companies and institutions that accommodate their servers and communication equipment within their own offices incur an unnecessary risk which may have serious consequences for their operational continuity. These facilities are usually provided with basic amenities for power, air conditioning and security.

SONDA's Hosting / Housing service provides a safe, reliable, and flexible environment with redundancy, which permits customers to use either their own infrastructure or that provided by SONDA. This ensures that data, which is their primary corporate asset, is always available to support their business processes. In addition, it frees physical space and resources for other important business tasks.

  • We provide physical space with redundant power and air conditioning to host servers, storage, communications and security equipment.
  • We provide equipment that supports an integrated service (SONDA purchases, installs, configures, manages, and supports the infrastructure).
  • We remotely operate the infrastructure for each customer.
  • We provide a communications and network service.
  • We provide a physical and logical security service.
  • We design the consolidation, storage and network solutions.
  • We use racked equipment, which includes redundancy.
  • We manage communications, Internet connectivity, and network connectivity.
  • We monitor the IT infrastructure.
  • Operations and back-ups are provided on a dedicated or shared datacenter platform.
  • We manage platforms, operating systems, middleware, messaging, databases, etc.
  • We provide infrastructure technical maintenance and support.
  • We provide security management, vulnerability scanning, risk management, safety audits.