Financial and Logistical Control Solution

At SONDA we have been pioneers in the development of complementary applications for SAP in Brazil, which include Tax and Accounting Management, Financial and Logistical Control and Foreign Trade solutions.

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PW.FC (Cash Flow System)

PW.FC was written in ABAP, which is the base language for SAP and the Cash Flow system developed by SONDA is seamlessly integrated into the SAP enterprise management system (ERP). This integration provides greater flexibility to control and manage routine cash flow (planned and actual).

Another important point is the traceability of transactions. PW.FC is executed in real time, a unique feature that allows our customers to find a specific document in the shortest possible time.

PW.SAPC (Commissions Payable Authorization System)

Currently one of the greatest challenges for large corporations is how to automate and integrate their operational and administrative processes, with the aim of becoming more flexible and reducing costs. To achieve this objective, a key control is to consistently manage the authorization and payment of sales commissions to company representatives without affecting income.

This system provides the necessary tools to ensure that a company can consistently manage its commissions and integrate these into its enterprise management system (ERP).

PW.VENDOR (Vendor Operations Control System)

This system is complementary to SAP ERP and offers improved financial control by managing and automating financial transactions with vendors through to final settlement or system clearance.

PW.VENDOR was written in ABAP, which is the base language for SAP and is seamlessly integrated with this system.

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