End-User and Perimeter Security

Usually when information is lost the consequential costs are much higher than the investment that could have prevented it, in fact this loss may even cause irreparable damage.

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Our perimeter and end-user security services prevent the theft of information, and include firewalls and IDS (Intruder Detection Systems). We design and implement security infrastructure created to safeguard information and guarantee the logical protection of servers and applications. We have vast experience in the design, implementation and installation of many information security technologies, covering a broad range of tools related to the physical and logical security of our customer's technological platforms, their data and applications.

The main objective of our solutions is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. We can develop solutions to perform:

  • Identity Management.
  • Access Control and Single sign-on.
  • Perimeter Security.

Our solutions are designed and implemented using products and tools from leading IT manufacturers.