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SONDA revenues reached US$ 1,248 million growing 19% in 2022

EBITDA totaled US$ 140.9 million representing an increase of 8.2%

EBITDA totaled US$ 140.9 million representing an increase of 8.2%

January 27, 2023. - SONDA, leader in digital transformation with presence in 11 countries, reported its financial results of 2022 with consolidated revenues of $ 1,068 112 million, equivalent to US$ 1,248.0 million, and an EBITDA of $ 120,574 million, equivalent to US$ 140.9 million.

Consolidated revenues as of December increased 19% and EBITDA 8.2% compared to 2021. On the other hand, Net Profit attributable to owners totaled $ 35,502 million, equivalent to US$ 41.5 million. Both Revenues and EBITDA increased in all geographies where the company has presence.

In commercial terms, deals closed during the year reached a record figure of US$ 1,695.8 million, the greatest figure in the history of SONDA, standing 34.4% above 2021. In this line, higher deals closed were achieved in all geographies: Southern Cone (7.8%), Andean region (41.2%), North America (93.2%) and Brazil (72.1%). New business opportunities -pipeline- totaled US$ 3,554.9 million, of which, 43% correspond to Brazil.

Among the main deals completed during 2022, the award of Infovía Digital in Brazil stands out, a 30-year project that with the implementation of 6,950 km of fiber optics will connect and digitize the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, the management of the public transport fleet of Mexico City and, recently, the implementation of open payment methods for the Panama Metro, and in Chile, the Bosque Iluminado project, whose objective is the connectivity of 700,000 hectares of the Forestal Arauco company and the intelligent video surveillance system in the commune of Las Condes.

Regarding these results, SONDA´s CEO, José Orlandini, pointed out that “Within the framework of the strategic plan that we defined at the beginning of 2022, during 2022 we had significant growth in results and a 34.4% increase in business closings, which allowed us to close the year with a solid foundation to project 2023. In this sense, revenues increased 19% and EBITDA 8.2% compared to 2021, with a very dynamic commercial activity and closing of relevant contracts in Brazil, Mexico and Chile, among other countries”. To the above, he added that "during 2023 we hope to continue closing new businesses and opening opportunities that allow us to continue consolidating ourselves as a strategic partner in the eleven countries where we operate, promoting the digital transformation of our clients in a challenging context for the economies of the region . The positive financial and commercial results of the year come hand in hand withthe ratification of SONDA in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Chile and MILA, which fills us with pride and motivates us to continue generating value for all our stakeholders in a sustainable way”, concluded Orlandini.

About SONDA: SONDA is leader in Digital Transformation services in the Region, with revenues of US$ 1,248 million in 2022 and more than 13,000 employees, with a direct presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Contact: Alfredo González (Investor Relations), telephone +56 2 26575365, +56 9 84556352, e-mail: alfredo.gonzalez@sonda.com

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