Why use solutions that provide Backup as a Service?

Why use solutions that provide Backup as a Service?

Hacking, ransomware and data loss due to catastrophic events are becoming increasingly common these days. No-one doubts the need to regularly take backups of critical information, as this information differentiates businesses and enables success to be achieved. Various trends are increasing our dependency on data, and the volume of information that requires managing is therefore growing exponentially. IDC estimates that this volume of information doubles every year, and will reach 44 ZB or 44 million million GB by 2020. However, this information is also hyper-fragmented across public, private and hybrid clouds and networks, covering countless countries and continents. This triggers the requirement for really efficient data protection.

Therefore, the IT industry has begun to provide its goods as a service, or “IT as a service”, in order to meet this requirement. This service model is far more efficient and is aligned with corporate requirements. Customers pay for a monthly service, thus avoiding high initial capital expenditure and investing in specialized personnel, and replace such investment with operational expenditure (CAPEX to OPEX).

This is the context for our Backup as a Service (BaaS), which uses the best backup technologies available on the market, with the support of specialized services managed by SONDA certified professionals. It provides our customers with a robust and efficient backup solution that gives them peace of mind knowing that their critical information has the best protection available in the industry.

SONDA’s Backup as a Service

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution provides our customers with a comprehensive data protection service, regardless of whether it is hosted on SONDA data center infrastructure. It uses a common and potentially dedicated platform to simplify, centralize and automate data backup and restore.

This service protects data using different backup agents for each workload, such as: Filing Systems, Databases, SAP, Exchange or other applications that require backing up. It ensures that backups are correctly executed, in accordance with policies that are scheduled together with the customer. It optimizes costs and backup times, as payment is for each machine backed up and the volume of storage used. Deployment is transparent without affecting service continuity, and restore testing can be performed without affecting production environments. Backed up data is secure as encryption is used for data in transit and in storage, and data restore time can be measured in minutes depending on the data volume and type.

Our solution is provided as a service, and includes all the hardware and software infrastructure required for the backup environment, including server software, agents for customers, and all the platform equipment, such as the backup network, software and storage media, which are currently held at our data centers. This infrastructure includes the latest generation in storage devices, such as storage with native capacity to achieve de-duplication in origin and destination, or tapes, among others. These are all managed and operated by a team of highly trained and certified professionals.

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