Why procure a managed multicloud service?

Why procure a managed multicloud service?

Most market studies describe the explosive growth in using cloud technology around the world, particularly the increase in hybrid cloud solutions, using a mix of private clouds (either on-site or outsourced) and public clouds. They also describe the trend to use more than one technology or supplier in each cloud category, called multicloud environments.

The “RIghtScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report” referred to the scope of public cloud services when it reported that each company works with an average of 3.6 technologies or suppliers to cover their requirements in this area.

This behavior has several causes: to avoid dependence on one particular technology or supplier; to optimize the costs of on-site equipment; to efficiently use the public cloud; to choose the most effective combination of suppliers according to their strengths; and to secure business continuity, since even services provided by Microsoft or Amazon can suffer from downtime, as we have seen.

However, using multiple cloud environments introduces a number of challenges, such as controlling costs, which requires visibility and managing the resources for each platform; centralizing the administration of various clouds, to ensure that applications are available in the cloud; implementing secure solutions that comply with industry standards; and employing specialists in each technology.

These challenges are not easy to overcome, as demonstrated by the complexities of forming a team of on-site specialists. Therefore, SONDA has prepared an efficient response to these challenges, in the form of an end-to-end centralized managed service covering the multiple cloud solutions used by customers. It optimizes infrastructure use and its associated costs, without requiring initial investment or the formation of multiple teams.

The Managed Multicloud Service is SONDA’s proposal to companies that need to overcome these challenges. This solution combines automation technologies and resources with the knowledge provided by our experts to deliver architectural, security and operational services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These services are supported by a technical team of architects and engineers who have specialized in the various cloud technologies used by the customer.

Conceptual Service Diagram

The proposal is a service with only a monthly fee, and no initial investment. It includes management, administration, operation and monitoring, to carefully coordinate and operate the services on the various platforms within the service scope.

The main features of the Managed Multicloud Service are that it uses a single portal, where our customers have a complete picture of their resources in a single pane of glass for all the environments within the service scope. In addition, the service is focused on correctly and cost effectively managing the environment, where an essential aspect is right sizing platforms, not simply to identify those services with potential performance problems, but also to identify those systems that are under-used and could therefore be deployed on lighter infrastructure, or for example during specific periods. These activities have a high impact on monthly bills for using public cloud infrastructure.

We are convinced that these SONDA services will enable our customers to navigate successfully through the process of accelerated change that our industry is experiencing, and secure the corresponding benefits for their business.

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