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SONDA’s disruptive innovation model: Working to create value in the digital revolution framework

SONDA’s disruptive innovation model: Working to create value in the digital revolution framework

Various studies indicate that most of the disruptive ideas that become new businesses within organizations are generated by customer’s requirements, and these requirements drive the development of new services, products and solutions.

Therefore, an open innovation model strengthens an agile organization that has no barriers. It promotes the flow of new business models and disruptive paradigms and methods that add value, based on a profound understanding of its customer’s requirements and challenges.

SONDA believes in applied innovation. This is understood to mean promoting product and solution development, while focusing on the organization’s challenges and requirements. This model has been achieved by implementing Customer Innovation Councils (where we engage with leaders from various industries to understand their challenges), Innovation Labs (where we connect with the innovation ecosystem that extends from academia, to start-ups and technological partners, in order to discuss technological paradigms and connect these to business models), and an Innovation Club (which is an internal initiative that uses an inside out model, and promotes disruptive idea innovation and development within our organization).

We have called this model the SONDA Agile Innovation Eco – System – Innovation Without Borders, since it encompasses the entire organization and covers our entire business ecosystem. We are currently developing digital solutions that cover five user support services, applications, infrastructure and security, using disruptive technologies such as IA, Big Data/Analytics, IoT, blockchain, etc.

This innovation model and new paradigms to develop solutions has enabled us to help our customers to take the final leap towards digital transformation, which will improve their navigation in the challenging seas of this new industrial revolution, due to the leveraging provided by new disruptive technologies.

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