Hypercloud: dynamically and automatically optimizing IT resources and keeping control of the business

Hypercloud: dynamically and automatically optimizing IT resources and keeping control of the business

These days business computing capabilities have grown following the introduction of hybrid environments (a combination of public and private clouds, and on-site platforms), which have ultimately become a headache for IT Departments and businesses in general. This is due to shortfalls in governance or control over resources, as they are separated into various management tools, or because IT Departments are not aligned with business strategy. Therefore, IT resources continue to grow in an isolated, uncontrolled and disorganized manner, in order to meet User Departments’ requirements.

Trying to control IT resources in an isolated manner results in complex environments that require multiple management tools, due to weaknesses in integration between the various cloud and on-site platforms. Consequently processes become slow, cumbersome and isolated, and they generate substantial additional costs as current resources are poorly understood and used.

SONDA uses the concept of Hypercloud to propose a complete solution that lets you take advantage of all your computing infrastructure (physical, public and private) and resources, using an easily managed integrated tool.

According to recent IDC research in this area, the return on such an investment is 436% over a five year period, with 20 times more service requirements completed compared to a traditional operation.

This model brings operational visibility to all your physical and cloud environments, where one tool can be used to control and automate your processes, and the costs associated with idle resources can be eliminated. The root cause of problems can be identified, due to events being chronologically monitored and audited, which encompass all tasks. It provides control over the costs associated with the resources using tools that can keep track of requirements. It provides a planning tool to anticipate future resource requirements, by analyzing and optimizing them to ensure that they will be dynamically and automatically used. It provides the speed and autonomy required to meet the service quality standards that user departments require through a self-service portal (catalog) that enables resources to be requested to meet service requirements in an agile manner. It also provides a resource pool configuration and management system for these hybrid environments using a single panel, enabling unified policies for all environments to be implemented.

This results in some authorized users having access to the solution catalog, and they will be able to open a request (in one click) through a simple portal. The request passes through an automated approval workflow that will allow it to be resolved almost immediately, provided it complies with approved policy. Such requests enter a workflow with various levels of approval, an automatic notification is issued each time a request affects resources. This process ensures that requests are resolved quickly, when previously they took hours or even days to resolve. Also, the requesting department will be assigned a quota of resources and this is automatically charged, as appropriate.

This process achieves faster deployment, which improves time to market, and guarantees an intelligent allocation of the workload using all the available resources in your private, public, and physical environments.

SONDA has the key services required to achieve this unified management, and thus secure a resource control system that delivers self-management with the desired speed and flexibility to achieve optimum governance and take full advantage of these hybrid environments.

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