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How do companies access the Amazon public cloud

How do companies access the Amazon public cloud

Research conducted by Forbes in November 2017 involved interviewing 300 decision-makers. It concluded that 83% of business systems will be operating in the public cloud by 2020, and that 52% will be hosted on the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services.

Aeromexico, Commvault and Fujitsu are a few of the transnational corporations that consume public cloud computing resources, while experts configure, manage and optimize these resources.

Despite the fact that using public clouds implies an agile response, optimizing this resource requires knowledge and skills that are not then focused on the business. Leaving administration in the hands of experts allows teams to focus on making progress with their business projects, without having to manage IT infrastructure.

The market for public cloud services in Latin America is rapidly and steadily expanding. Digital Transformation initiatives are already a principal priority for CEOs, who are urging their organizations to include public, private, and hybrid cloud services (the latter blends the best of both worlds) into their IT investment plans, in order to strengthen these initiatives.

Public cloud management poses new challenges to IT professionals, mainly because mistakes immediately become expensive, as costs per resource consumed are charged by the hour/minute. Therefore, specialized external professionals and experts are required to efficiently manage these resources, otherwise the budget may be exceeded very quickly. Outsourcing the management of computer systems allows organizations to stay focused on their business, and in particular, to save money and become more efficient.

Companies that move a significant proportion of their IT traffic onto the public cloud, especially onto Amazon Web Services, must find a reliable supplier, with international certifications, that provides services on a 24×7 basis at a transparent and reasonable cost, with tools that efficiently manage the life cycle of systems and can support the design, migration, administration, and eventual withdrawal of systems and resources.

SONDA’s Managed AWS facilitates the transition and operation of our customer’s business on a hyper-scale public cloud, in order to secure the best performance and provide the solution that best fits their business requirements.

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