Collaboration and Productivity with Office 365

Collaboration and Productivity with Office 365

In today's complex world, where information has become a crucial company asset, business productivity and profitability depend on communication, collaboration, content production and knowledge sharing. It is essential that modern companies are highly productive. End users must be equipped with the tools they need to perform their daily tasks and produce the results required by the business. At the same time, data must be accessible, safe and always available for strategic decision-making. It is an essential ingredient for stimulating innovation and growth through new business.

A major obstacle to meeting these requirements is increasing staff mobility and the diversity of endpoint devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) IT teams should prepare themselves to support this demanding and varied environment, while senior management must remove the paradigms associated with providing traditional centralized productivity tools.

Office 365 provides access at any time and in any place to Microsoft Office applications and storage. Instead of purchasing or upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office, Office 365 gives your company a constantly updated subscription. Users can access their applications from wherever they can access the Internet, as it is hosted on the cloud and not on your servers.

Companies can increase productivity and collaboration using all the applications that comprise the Office 365 platform, as it provides numerous competitive advantages over the tools of yesteryear.

It simplifies knowledge exchange through document management. The user interface and improved interconnection capabilities of SharePoint Online in the Office 365 cloud facilitate document transfer to the SharePoint library and offer transparent document sharing. Furthermore, as Office 365 integrates SharePoint Online with Exchange Online, Lync Online and Yammer, staff can efficiently communicate and collaborate when creating and managing documents.

This solution improves mobile access, as Office 365 combines the power of the cloud with a full set of mobile applications, making it easier for staff to remain productive regardless of whether they are traveling or working remotely or still at the office. It also manages and automates workflows, for example, it can extract specific actions from e-mails as part of the workflow process.

SharePoint Online is a great platform for developing a corporate intranet and Office 365 facilitates this communication tool without the burden of managing your own server and local infrastructure. The integrated services within Office 365 interconnect with a multidimensional collaborative environment that improves effective communication with colleagues in the digital workplace and in general beyond the corporate intranet.

The search capabilities of Office 365 and SharePoint Online are key functionalities when managing the organization’s data. They have been developed over a long period and have been adapted and integrated into the Office 365 platform to provide a robust and cost-effective search experience.

SONDA provides an Office 365 management service, which includes various activities that increase the value provided by this solution. These include deployment and customer data migration from multiple data sources (Exchange, Domino, IMAP, POP3,  Groupwize, Gmail and others), continuous administrative support (adding/removing users and groups, subscription administration, etc.) all carried out by expert staff at SONDA. It also covers incident and problem management in accordance with business urgency, as SONDA has certified specialists and can also directly escalate issues to Microsoft.

Summarizing, the SONDA solution for Office 365 enables you to make the most of this Microsoft platform, which is constantly evolving and regularly receiving new functionality, which means that your IT team does not have to upgrade their platform and can focus on adding value to your business.

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