Digital partnerships: the key to tackling Digital Transformation processes

Digital partnerships: the key to tackling Digital Transformation processes

Vivemos em um mundo cada vez mais digitalizado. Não só do ponto de vista da transformação tecnológica de empresas e organizações, mas também da transcendência cultural que este novo cenário tem para toda a sociedade. De fato, hoje vemos como crianças de três anos manipulam com fluidez tablets, computadores e todo tipo de dispositivos móveis, confirmando que são nativos digitais.

We live in an increasingly digitized world. Not only from the technological transformation perspective within companies and organizations, but also the cultural significance of this new environment for the whole of society. In fact, these days we can see three year olds fluently handling tablets, computers and all kinds of mobile devices, which reflect their digital instincts.

This enables us to recognize and understand that social, commercial and business interaction takes place using new structures, which must encompass all the variables that interact today within the new “Digital Revolution”.

Digital partnerships are key in this new environment full of niche, precise and efficient technologies that specialize in a specific aspect of a process or workflow. They enable us to develop tools that integrate technologies, successfully meet our customer’s strategic objectives, and deliver satisfactory answers to end users, who are increasingly demanding and empowered.

This environment is replicated in all the strategic market segments. Such as citizens waiting to be transported rapidly from one place to another within a “smart city”, or people expecting to be attended seamlessly in public offices or at private health services, or people trying to complete all their purchases from the comfort of their own home using various remote channels that allow them to receive the products that they specifically seek almost immediately.

Therefore, IT companies must reach beyond their individual ability to capture market segments, they must forge strategic digital partnerships, consolidating an ecosystem of strategic partners, joining forces to respond efficiently, each from their area of expertise, to all the challenges posed today by new customers and digital citizens.

SONDA is a leader in IT services, and we have built and strengthened a number of strategic partnerships across Latin America, with internationally prestigious partners, such as CISCO, DELL EMC, Amazon, Veritas, SAS, Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, TER processes, and other partners.

Such partnerships enable us to unite our critical strengths to develop new solutions in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, business analytics, data center and cloud services and artificial intelligence, to mention just a few of the key strategies within Digital Transformation.

The benefits introduced by the digital technologies developed by these manufacturers and technology providers reinforce each other, to deliver successful and advanced integrated tools that meet the requirements of sectors with great strategic value, such as fraud prevention, price planning, Smart City solutions, Big Data management, native cloud applications, and many other disruptive technologies for the healthcare, retail, banking, financial services, energy, manufacturing and extractive industries, government and digital marketing sectors.

We are currently witnessing consolidation within the digital society, so we must build and strengthen digital partnerships. The key is to integrate the know-how of partners with expertise in various areas, to deliver value to customers throughout the region. Partnerships are not simple working agreements, they include certification plans, technological cooperation, joint delivery objectives, and better access conditions to disruptive technologies for our customers. Therefore, our partnerships are valuable assets that deliver the very best solutions and services to our customers in a virtuous ecosystem.

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