SONDA provides complete BPO to Bunge to implant and manage SAP technology

Client: Bunge Alimentos, Brasil Industry: Manufacturing Solution: BPO y Soluciones SAP.


With the aim of increasing its efforts in their core business, Bunge Alimentos adopted SAP’s ERP solutions, which will be implemented by SONDA Procwork in its Shared Services Unit (USC by its Spanish initials), to carry the 377 processes of the 800 transactions that take place in the financial, controllership, tax and human resources areas of the food company.

Client Profile

Bunge Alimentos, one of the leading food companies in Brazil, adopted the USC model of SONDA to carry the 377 processes and 800 transactions generated by SAP’s ERP to support the financial, controllership, accounting and HR areas. The latter serves 5,600 users in the 27 sites that are owned by the conglomerate.

Business Need

In search of the best solution

When the company chose this solution it was the ideal time to start replacing legacy systems for an ERP that could bear the growth of the company, as explained by the CFO of Bunge, Ivo Dreher: “That’s why we chose SAP solutions which, being the most widely used software in the world, gathers the best management practices”.


Carlos Henrique Testolini, CEO of SONDA Procwork, emphasizes how this project relates the new challenges from the company that aim to develop long-term projects, “thanks to our experience in implementing SAP, the goal now is to bring companies to the option of putting their software online and manage the data generated, something we are already doing at USC where we optimize our customer’s operational processes”, he explains.

The 190 professionals Shared Services Unit are mostly former employees of Bunge, who belonged to the areas that saw part of their activities absorbed by USC. “This ensures the continuity of quality activities since these professional stopped being employed by Bunge and will take on the main activities of the USC, which puts them in a strong position,” says Vera da Silva, managing director for SONDA Procwork.


Future Challenges

Bunge’s next step is to redesign all company processes based on SAP’s offer and, immediately, preparing system parameterization to implement new features. “Legacy systems may have met company demands so far, but today we need a management system that integrates all our businesses and supports our expected growth for the coming years,” says Silvio Heusi, IT manager for Bunge.

Additionally, the contract aims to improve productivity and reduce costs, as well as training and specialization of professional at Bunge Alimentos, which operates with over 5 thousand employees in 27 branches.

The model, implemented in Brazil, will serve as a benchmark for the company’s other global operations.


  • BPO in areas: Comptroller & Accounting, Credit Administration, Taxes, HR, Infrastructure and Datacenter.
  • Support Desk
  • SAP Implementation and Operation
  • Datacenter Brasilia and Curitiba
  • IT Infrastructure