SEDAPAL improve their response capabilities and service with SONDA solution

Industry: Governance


Sedapal, being a state owned company providing potable water treatment and provision services for over one million two hundred thousand clients, needed to improve their service for both the internal and external clients of the company. To accomplish this, they decided to renew their technological platform with SONDA

Client Profile

SEDAPAL is a private right, fully state owned company, organized as a Limited Liability Company, dependent of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, with technical, administrative, economic and financial autonomy. Their services are of public need and use and of preferential social interest. It is in charge of the treatment and provision of potable water for the city of Lima.


Business Need

To face growth and be aligned with a quality service according to the needs of the company, guaranteeing safety and an optimal service to the public

Sedapal’s IT platform was at the limit of its recommended operation and did not allow for new developments or introduction of management systems. The batch invoicing, charging and closing processes took around 4 or 5 hours, an excessive time to carry out the backing up of each process, which caused a delay in delivery of services to the public. Besides, the platform was no longer in the conditions to prepare the historical reports requested by other State institutions.


Design of a new platform to face the current challenges faced by the company

To comply with the required objectives, SONDA designed a new platform which it implemented in the company. The solution included the replacement of the central servers, the design of a solution with a high availability scheme, with eleven instances, among physical and logical partitions, as well as the capability of running new versions of the client’s corporate systems.


Better response times and internal and external client satisfaction.

SONDA’s solution enables better response times, besides providing an IT platform ready to face Sedapal’s new challenges and growth, an institution that has a strong commitment to providing a quality service.

Ismael Ayala, Head of Sedapal’s Information Technology team stated that “the change was successful, as we received positive feedback from the users, that commented greater speed in their processes, for example, a reduction in the spreadsheet process, that decreased from three to one hours”.


  • A 7×24 support service with 2 hours of response time.
  • Technical support for the whole central calculation platform solution: 24 hrs. Every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Time of response for any HW and SW event: 4 hours maximum.
  • HW repair time for any CPU, Memory and Drive related failures: 48 hrs. Maximum, from the time the issue is reported.
  • Purchased equipment preventive maintenance: up to 3 times a year.