Montes del Plata ensures business continuity and improves its response times with VCE’s Vblock solution implemented by SONDA

Client: Montes del Plata Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Servidores Virtuales


Montes del Plata, a forestry company created from an alliance between Arauco and Stora Enso, was in need of a Datacenter solution that would allow them to dedicate themselves to their business and entrust the management of their technological platform to an expert like SONDA, a company that provided them with a Datacenter solution by using VCE’s Vblock technology for a private cloud configuration which includes a contingency service in SONDA’s cloud.

Client Profile

Montes del Plata is a Uruguayan forestry company that was founded in 2009. The company produces and exports eucalyptus cellulose pulp to the main world markets and from an environmental, economic and social standpoint, it operates efficiently and sustainably.

Montes del Plata rose from the union of two big global companies in the forestry sector: Arauco and Stora Enso. This partnership made this venture (which carries the seal of its Chilean and Swedish and Finnish origins) possible, applying the most demanding world-class standards.

Business Need

Since the company started, it has heavily investment in technology, research and improving forest plantations, while seeking to develop a sustainable forestry base that supplies the state-of-the-art cellulose factory that is being built near Conchillas, in the Colonia department (southeast Uruguay)


SONDA, a pioneering company in the incorporation of cloud services in Latin America, implemented the VBlock infrastructure for the Datacenter located at the Conchillas plant that includes support service that ensures the solution’s operational continuity. It also includes Business Continuity Services with a contingency plan (DRP) associated with SONDA’s corporate cloud services.


This solution allows Montes del Plata to achieve its security, performance and availability needs, since VCE’s Vblock is a strong, tried-and-true platform in the virtualization area. Within it, you may run critical applications, thus settling the company’s strategic needs, such as:

  • Reducing start-up time (less time-to-market).
  • Minimizing integration risks.
  • Reducing administrative costs for the integrated infrastructure.


The solution allows Montes del Plata to focus on its business, which is producing and exporting eucalyptus cellulose pulp to the main world markets, and not spending too much time on technological issues that are not part of its core business.

“The SONDA solution has allowed our business to have an on-site Datacenter with cutting edge and innovative technology that optimizes implementation times, simplifies operations and meets all service level agreements (SLAs) set by our internal users”.

With this solution, the company can respond to the business’s demands in a quicker, more flexible and efficient way by providing services in minutes, which before could have meant months when considering the entire logistics cycle.

SONDA has been acknowledged by the leaders of the technology industry as the Cloud Builder of the Year, which ensures that the clients will acquire all the know-how obtained during the implementation of both public and private clouds as well as when operating public corporate clouds to provide services subject to strict SLAs.


“We chose SONDA Uruguay for the trajectory, leadership and solvency that the SONDA group has within the Latin American technology industry. It differs from other companies in the market because it understands the customer’s business problems.

Our business is in continuous growth and the model proposed by SONDA allows us to evaluate future needs with confidence. I recommend the SONDA Cloud Builder services, which is based on the important projects that the company has developed in Uruguay and in the region, on the knowledge level of Cloud Computing, and last but not least, on my experience in the front. of the Montes del Plata project. ”

Gonzalo Martín, Head of Infrastructure and IT Services, Montes del Plata.