The SAP BPC tool on Hana provides support to the CCR Group

Client: Grupo CCR Industry: Transportation


CCR has a market value that exceeds R$ 20 billion, and its strategic plan expects qualified growth for the Group, so is looking to diversify its portfolio and launch new businesses. This vision has enabled CCR to build a business which today reaches far beyond highway concessions.

CCR has followed this strategy, and now has projects related to urban mobility, covering airports, metros, boats and service companies. The current configuration of the business has required the company to identify an improved tool, to handle the complexity of budgetary planning.

“Our plans are complex to prepare, as they are composed of long periods covering the entire concession, which can extend for periods of up to 35 years. Therefore, we needed a tool that uses the most efficient technology, which would make a tremendous difference to CCR”, explained Luiz Casarri, Projects Manager at the company.

SAP BPC will have three levels of budgetary planning: one that plans the next five years; a long-term plan that covers the useful life of each concession; and the trend, which is updated every month with a projection covering the next three years.

Information handling performance has been improved by implementing this technology on Hana. This mode stores data in the memory, in contrast to a conventional implementation, where data is available on disk. Therefore, information is processed in real time and gains agility and flexibility when working with applications.

According to Eduardo Pugliesi, the Business Intelligence and Innovation Manager at SONDA IT, the benefits also include the possibility of performing analyses, with scenario simulation using economic and financial indexes, which could provide more agile forecasting when taking decisions. In addition, the interface for the tool is in Excel, making the application simpler and more user friendly. “The performance of this architecture is far better than a traditional deployment. So SONDA IT fulfills its role by supporting CCR to grow its business,” Mr. Pugliesi concluded.