Help Desk for 20,000 users at Embraer: Developing a culture of computational independence

Client: Embraer Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Help Desk


When Embraer had high growth expectations, a Help Desk was considered necessary to meet the requirements of IT users. Embraer searched for a company employing highly trained professionals with appropriate working methods and sufficient flexibility and agility to assist the user support department.

In 2000 a contract was awarded to SONDA, the largest Latin American IT services company, to develop and implement a complete Help Desk service, to quantitatively monitor and control all IT support requirements.

Client Profile

The Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S. A, Embraer, is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world, due to its constant and dedicated search for complete customer satisfaction. It has 37 years experience in the design, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service of almost 4,100 aircraft that currently operate in 69 countries on five continents.

Business Need

In 2003 Embraer presented the challenge of reducing the number of user support calls as far as possible. Therefore, SONDA developed a self-support system based on ITIL best practice, which was published on the Embraer Intranet and available on desktops and at OIT’s (Online Information Terminals) located within the company’s facilities.

SONDA developed an information system called MOEBIUS.NET, which generated a knowledge bank for groups resolving problems. The main reasons for calls were analyzed, together with those that could be resolved by the user themself.

Using this information, tools were developed with a friendly and self-explanatory interface, enabling users to perform basic operations, such as installing printers or free software.


A world class service

The Help Desk prepared by SONDA for Embraer serves 20,000 users, who are located both in Brazil and in several foreign countries. The first SONDA service level serves calls from four different sources, including the corporate help desk, and Web Portal, Aerochain and SAP application users. SONDA also provides second level help desk services.

In addition to these services, SONDA offers first and second level support to Unix workstations, support for industrial automation assets and rental of self-service terminals, known as Online Information Terminals – OIT’s.

Using a methodology that focusses on resolving problems quickly and without major cost, the SONDA help desk solves 85% of calls at the first level and only 15% are escalated to the second level.


A culture of computational independence has now been created within the company. The main advantages of this support system are optimizing the use of time and a consequent reduction in costs. The time spent in self-support is five times less than that spent during traditional help desk support. In May 2007 41% of calls were resolved by the self-support system.

According to Wagner Lapa Pinheiro, the IT Director at Embraer: “The depth of the alliance achieved with SONDA has been fundamental to refine the tools that support our business, making IT as transparent as possible for our users. Our goal is to manage knowledge”.

During this 7 year contract, the relationship between Embraer and SONDA has been based on trust and an ability to adapt. Both through the difficult times and in moments of success, SONDA has faithfully supported Embraer, making changes and adjustments as necessary, using innovative solutions tailored to various circumstances, but without affecting the quality of the Help Desk service.


  • We provide a self-support system.
  • We monitoring IT requirements.
  • We have over 20,000 satisfied users.


“The depth of the alliance achieved with SONDA has been fundamental to refine the tools that support our business, making IT as transparent as possible for our users. Our goal is to manage knowledge”.

Wagner Lapa Pinheiro, IT Director at Embraer.