The Solvay Group standardizes its office automation infrastructure services in Latin America with support from SONDA IT

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The Solvay Group is a leading global chemical conglomerate that wished to standardize processes globally, with the objective of improving its service productivity and quality. Therefore, it developed a global unified service model to support the information services infrastructure, being the Office Automation department.

This new global project was baptized Wisdom (Worldwide Integrated Services Desktop Operation Management), and the Solvay Group used this opportunity to integrate the Latin American legacy companies within Solvay and Rhodia that were acquired two years ago. Therefore, it launched the regional pilot of this globally designed model, and took advantage of this need by merging the two businesses.

The Group sought a supplier with a strong presence in the region including all 10 of the countries with Solvay subsidiaries, to support this plan. SONDA IT was chosen, as the leading Latin American information technology company. It implemented the first version of Wisdom together with local and global teams.

SONDA IT uses the model established by the global team to respond to calls to the Service Desk and for On-Site Support, which involves providing local and remote services to 22 Solvay facilities, which equates to 3,000 workstations and Data Center Services, and supporting approximately 100 servers using SONDA’s Network Operation Center (NOC), in addition to Windows support for the Solvay Group.

The Service Desk for the Solvay group is managed from Brazil using a unique service model, with trilingual support in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and available 24x7x365. For example, support in English guarantees the flow of international business for the Solvay group, together with its global partners in Asia and Europe. In addition, all calls for local support are divided between local teams that are distributed throughout the Latin American region.

SONDA IT ensures that all calls from the Solvay Group are resolved in the same manner in any of the 10 countries in which the industry operates in Latin America, such as Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. A strategic component of this implementation was to register calls worldwide, using the Solvay Group’s own global tool. The chemical company can use the details that SONDA IT record to measure all the calls in the region.

SONDA IT support for the implementation of the global register was combined with the tool’s refinement for use in Latin America. As it remains a global model, SONDA IT helped the Solvay Group to improve the visibility of the region’s indicators.

“Currently SONDA IT supports the entire Group in Latin America, with respect to Office Automation services. When an internal user has a problem with their computer or telephone, they call SONDA directly, regardless of where they are. This integration and standardization at all facilities provides Solvay with greater productivity and quality in providing Office Automation services. This model’s successes, its lessons and its challenges, will be shared as a reference for the implementation in Europe, and it will shortly be implemented in North America,” said Rosana Zini, Latin American Infrastructure Manager at the Solvay Group.

The migration to a new supplier has not had any effect on the internal public. The key issue in responding to users and making the project fully viable without any delay was the strong cooperation between SONDA IT and the Procurement and IT departments at Solvay, who had the challenge of meeting the global pricing specification whilst encompassing the global scope of these services. SONDA IT was focused on overcoming the operational challenges that arose, and by being well integrated with the internal teams at Solvay, it was able to overcome these challenges and mitigated any issue that might affect end users. To summarize these three points – SONDA IT together with the Procurement and IT departments at Solvay secured a successful outcome.

Wisdom contains a global process structure and provides a global format for pricing. Erika Azzi is the IT Negotiator at the Solvay Group and believes that in all regions suppliers should report the value of all services they provide using a standard form. “This model will enable us to perform regional and global benchmarking with regard to the cost of contracted services, and allow us to monitor performance in all regions,” Erika explained. Therefore, SONDA IT completed Solvay’s global form and is now subject to financial controls, including global audits, and is responsible for audited information.

Brazil covers 80% of the region and has the largest industrial plants in the Group, so was selected as a pilot, to improve subsequent implementations in the nine other countries of Latin America. The legislation, the experience of absorbing professionals into the team who had already been involved in operations, and the specific challenges of the country, were all significant points included in preparations for the regional rollout, to avoid problems after commissioning.

Waldir Rodrigues Júnior is the Outsourcing Director at SONDA IT and believes that SONDA’s regional presence, coupled with its experience in IT services, enabled it to perform the overall deployment, which was completed whilst integrating the enormous process of merging the legacy companies. “Our contract also included expanding our services as the Solvay Group grows across the region, which makes us a strategic partner for a leading international company. This project reinforces a partnership with the industry lasting over 13 years, during which time we have provided tax and foreign trade solutions, making Solvay a market reference in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for SONDA IT customers,” Mr. Rodrigues concluded.