ColombianRanchers Federation – FEDEGAN (by its abbreviation in Spanish) – Implements successful livestock traceability solution by SONDA

Client: FEDEGAN Industry: Governance Solution: IT Outsourcing


The SINIGAN Livestock Traceability System developed by SONDA for the Colombian Ranchers Federation, which replicates many features of the Traceability System successfully implanted in Uruguay a few years ago, is emerging as a powerful tool that allows Colombia competitive performance in the global cattle market, with the potential to spread to other species and markets requiring a traceability system to control and monitor various aspects of a production process from origin to delivery to the potential customer and/or supplier.

Client Profile

The Colombian Ranchers Federation (FEDEGAN) is a nonprofit syndicate that groups, as affiliates, regional and local livestock trade organizations, as well as other entities related to the country’s livestock farming.

For this specific project, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, was instituted SINIGAN, a set of institutions, rules, requirements, mechanisms and deliberate and systematic processes that are developed to generate, secure, maintain and enhance the traceability of the cattle production chain, the health and safety of meat and dairy products in the country to export.

Business Need

Facing the increasingly stringent requirements of global markets

Cattle traceability systems are a response to health crises that have occurred in recent years and genetic selection needs that result in high requirements of international markets due to the globalization of the economy.

To meet these requirements, the livestock sector was forced to develop tools designed to boost market confidence, which had been undermined by FMD (foot-and-mouth disease) and other health emergencies of this nature.

In order to generate enough confidence to motivate consumers to choose purchasing beef again, it was necessary to guarantee the origin of the product, so that there was certainty of the proper health conditions in slaughter plants and milk processing plant, and meat and dairy products industrialization plants, and even more so of the farms where cattle is produced, reared and fattened.


Integration of information into a centralized reliable database

The government of Colombia created for this reason SINIGAN, National Cattle Identification and Information System, to generate, secure, maintain and enhance the traceability of the cattle production chain, the health and safety of meat and dairy products produced in the country for domestic consumption and for export.

Aware of the need and importance of SINIGAN for the sector, the Government appointed the Colombian Ranchers Federation (FEDEGAN) the administration, implementation and commissioning of SINIGAN, for their extensive experience, capacity, union leadership and its institutional strength to develop programs of the magnitude required. This entity conducted a public tender for the provision of a software application to store, consolidate, manage and record information from domestic cattle, associated to a unique identification code for each animal, in which SONDA’s solution was chosen, based on the experience gained in the Livestock Traceability System successfully implemented in Uruguay.

This solution enables the integration of information securely on a central database, online updating and real-time responses, by using communication technologies, computers, networks and the Internet. The SINIGAN software application provides a service that is easily accessible, safe, timely and reliable.


Colombian Livestock with traceability system that allows them to guarantee the origin and quality of their products

The solution provided by SONDA to FEDEGAN represents a differentiating factor in the competitive cattle market, by meeting international quality standards.

Also, it unifies product marketing information and provides consumers with a reliable product, of known origin and obtained through an effective process, strengthening the country’s image in safety and food quality, by achieving the identification of all cattle in the country through the creation of a national database.

In addition to the benefits of business competitiveness, this project has served as a tool for the development of public health policies, to guarantee consumers the origin and quality of offered products. Moreover, by integrating livestock information management systems to the country’s farming culture, this will allow these practices to be extended to other species for similar purposes.



  • Centralized database
  • Online updating
  • Real-time answers
  • Developed on web technologies
  • Multilayer and scalable architecture, service-oriented
  • Integrated tool that allows making queries and reports dynamically
  • Greater reliability, security and availability of information
  • Provision of a Business Intelligence tool
  • Provision of infrastructure and Datacenter Platform