Aguas Andinas improves collection management and customer services with a SONDA solution

Cliente: Aguas Andinas Industry: Utilities Solution: Sistema de recaudación de ingresos en línea


Aguas Andinas is one of the largest utilities companies in Chile, and together with SONDA they implemented a project that modernized their collection management. The objective was to simply and efficiently integrate all the company’s external collection services, and to monitor the collection process on-line.

Client Profile

Aguas Andinas and its related companies – Aguas Los Dominicos, Manquehue y Cordillera – supply water to the inhabitants of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, which covers almost 40% of Chile’s population, with approximately 1,400,000 customers.


Business Need

The problem

Aguas Andinas and its related companies began a process to renew its collections platform, which entailed changing both the system and the existing hardware. A tremendous challenge!

Enrique Ruz is the Deputy Software Development Manager at Aguas Andinas, and he reported: “It was essential that we modernized the system, due to the lack of automatic monitoring and technological obsolescence.” He added: “The old solution was very complex and collections were received in branches that were not among our own 19 agencies, and the interface with other systems was fairly rigid”.

Furthermore, information extraction was very complicated, which made it difficult to efficiently gather all the background information necessary to generate collection process reports and statistics. The information had to arrive by various channels, including fax and mail, mainly due to the rigidity of the existing system.

Faced with these complexities, Aguas Andinas decided to identify a revenue collection system that managed on-line all the company’s and related company’s commercial agencies; and to simply and efficiently integrate all the company’s external collection services.



The solution

Clarity with regard to the technological problems enabled Aguas Andinas to define their criteria and requirements, in order to identify a solution. The public tender was awarded to SONDA, for our experience and the quality of our integration proposal.

At SONDA we started with our utilities solution and developed a revenue collection software solution, which met the requirements of being a configurable continuous solution, of providing on-line control over their own collections and those of other companies, and of generating a complete battery of reports.

Our systems integration services also included the supply, commissioning and maintenance of equipment at the collection points, consisting of keyboards with magnetic strip readers, PC’s for tellers, handheld bar code scanners and flat screens.


The results

This system is one of the largest in the country within the service area, which made the on-line monitoring developed by SONDA imperative. Supervisors can now see how collections are progressing at any time, they can check the amounts for each teller, they know how many cash registers have been opened and since when, they know who isn’t complying with depositing standards and can constantly monitor each collection point. Enrique Ruz believes that: “We have generated administration savings, and achieved greater security, efficiency and transparency”.

One of the benefits for final customers provided by this system is that tellers can check balances online, so if a customer does not bring his payment slip, the system displays the balance on his account, which can be paid without a physical document.

Monthly collection reports used to be prepared by hand and took up to two days to complete. Now current data can be downloaded to an Excel spread sheet, which allows configurable new reports to be generated.

The new system has reduced the number of customer complaints regarding payments not credited to their account to almost zero, and in November 2005 Aguas Andinas added payment certification to the cash register system, ensuring that collection information is promptly and accurately recorded on-line.


  • We modernized the collection system.
  • Our customer’s own collections and those at other companies can be controlled on-line.
  • We reduced the number of final customer complaints regarding payments not credited to their account to almost zero.