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AES Gener make an efficient management of their IT infrastructure with the support of SONDA

Client: AES Gener Industry: Mining Solution: Monitoring and Administration


AES Gener entrusted SONDA with the implementation of a new online monitoring solution that controls the service levels required with levels of disintegration per periods of time and types of infrastructure.

This solution provides short and long term visibility in SLA compliance, and, regarding performance and availability of different IT services, it enables an efficient management of the servers, networks and environmental equipment platforms. Besides, it incorporates the control of the quality of these services from the perspective of AES Gener’s final users.

Client Profile

AES Gener S.A. is limited responsibility company oriented mainly to the generation of electricity in Chile. Its role is to supply electricity in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner, complying with the commitments to clients, shareholders, workers, communities, suppliers and other people and groups the company relates with.

It is an affiliate of AES Corp., a global power and infrastructure company that develops business in the five continents and that has its main offices in the United States.


Business Need

To have the capacity of providing real, reliable and timely responses through having a greater visibility of their IT services

This project was born out of the need to have timely and reliable information of the availability of the IT infrastructure operation in Chile and Colombia based on the availability service levels which are annually pre-established and aligned to the specific needs of the business.

In general, it is difficult for a CIO to respond to their peers in the company regarding the quality of the technological services provided, not only at the central level but also in relation to the end user activity. In some cases, the efforts that have to be made only to provide information are enormous and in others, there is simply no response.

AES Gener, as a part of their management based on ITIL practices that have been previously implemented, required the capacity of providing a real time, reliable and timely response, adding to this the proactive/reactive reaction capacity in front of the conditions that could affect the quality of the service.

The challenge for SONDA was the development of a solution that would be able to consolidate information from central servers and servers distributed at Datacenters and Datarooms, environmental equipment, communications in power centrals and power central construction worksites in 2 locations in Colombia and 30 locations in Chile, also adding 6 stations that measure the quality of the services from remote points in the country.

Specifically, the monitoring probes for end users should audit the quality of internal and external services such as Internet, SAP, and Exchange mail that reside in a service provider in the USA that provides services for AES Corp.


SONDA Professional Services Unit developed a Project for the implementation of a technological solution to cover SONDA’s management needs for Monitoring (CGTI).

Nimsoft’s NMS technology, a Norwegian supplier with operations in the USA was used, a strong competitor of manufacturers such as IBM, BMC, HP, and CA according to Gartner Group’s 2009 rating.

The solution consolidates all the infrastructure events, measures levels of performance, availability, services, warns of any deviations and issues and provides online measurement dashboards and historical reports of the conditions of the service and, specifically, the evolution of service levels through a web portal.

In practical terms, all the IT operational levels of AES-GENER and SONDA CGTI, visualize, support and manage the IT environment with multiple views from a common source.


The solution implemented by SONDA contributes directly to providing judgment and background elements for ITIL good practices processes, such as: service levels, events, issues, problems, availability and capacity, all of which act based on a common base of information, enabling an efficient and timely management of all Information Technologies.

Finally, the result obtained increases the degree of maturity of the ITIL good practices of AES GENER, contributing with an increase in operational continuity and the quality of their services, both of critical mission as well as normal platforms, based on an efficient management.


  • The NMS Solution used by big European and US MSPs, both for traditional operations as well as Cloud Computing services.
  • Tactical visualization of the risk areas that comprise the quality of the services.
  • Managerial sensibilization and transparency in the quality of the services provided to end users on a day to day basis.
  • Capacity of structuring service levels for lines of business requiring heavy duty continuity and efficiency.
  • Flexibility and adaptability delivered in short deadlines for the changes the business requires.
  • Capability of incorporating company business specific technological components and transforming their operations in objective metrics into a business language that contributes to the efficiency of the business itself, as was the case with Amway (Retail Europe).


“AES Gener now has an online solution that enables the measurement of the Levels of Availability (SLA’s) of the main technological services provided to our internal clients, enabling us to therefore perform an efficient management both regarding prevention, through the monitoring of our servers, links, mayor network nodes and applications with established service thresholds, as well as with regards to corrective management, with service for massive issues detected by SONDA’s NOC or reported through our own help desk. All this has enabled an ecosystem that protects our service.

With this Project, our Technology unit may incorporate a central process to the value chain of the services provided, as it improves immediate service for the prevention of failures and in their correction, besides providing a real-time, auditable availability indicator.

José Domínguez, IT Infrastructure Chief AES Genertrazable.”