FMC invests in SONDA IT support for taxation applications


FMC invests in SONDA IT support for taxation applications

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FMC Agricultural Solutions is a major multinational agrochemical company, and in order to expand the company's entire productive operation with improved quality and manage its current fiscal obligations with greater agility, it procured a support service for its Tax department. This is the Applications Management Service (AMS) from SONDA IT, which is a company that provides fully integrated information technology solutions.
By outsourcing this service, FMC will have a team of specialists from SONDA to respond to the Tax department's requirements, allowing the company to keep its internal team focused on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from SAP. The contract with SONDA IT covers version upgrades and application notes for corrections to the pw.SATI and pw.SPED solutions, through to supporting calls and requests for system improvements, and rolling-out the system for new subsidiaries.
The Process Supervisor for the IT business at FMC, Evandro Piacente, emphasized the importance of this investment. "AMS support creates the conditions for the company to improve the agility of its business, keeping it up to date and complying with all current tax regulations. The consultants are familiar with the FMC environment, which ensures a swifter service and allows the service to be performed remotely," Mr. Piacente explained.
He also mentioned that the mission of FMC is to contribute to the development of the agro-business in Brazil, so the company invests in the entire production chain to secure service quality for its customers.
Reginaldo Diogo is the AMS Relationship Manager in the Applications Division at SONDA IT, and he believes that the service strengthens the relationship between the industry and SONDA IT, and encourages an environment increasingly familiar with and proactive to the needs of FMC.

Client Profile

FMC Corporation is a US chemical company that for more than a century has provided the world with innovative solutions, applications and top quality products in various sectors, such as agriculture, industry and consumer goods. FMC had annual revenue of US$ 3.9 billion in 2013. The company employs around 6,000 people worldwide and operates three businesses: FMC Agricultural Solutions, FMC Health and Nutrition, and FMC Minerals.

FMC Agricultural Solutions is a leading agrochemical company and 40 years ago it invested in innovative technological solutions to conduct research and development into new molecules and efficient chemical and biological solutions for the control and prevention of pests and diseases in crops across the country. The company achieved an annual profit of US$ 905 million in 2013 and focuses on anticipating the needs of its customers, by focusing on sustainability throughout its daily business, particularly in local communities, whilst always conducting its affairs safely and responsibly in all areas. The company's mission is to contribute to improving agricultural productivity and profitability for rural producers, and improving the quality of the Brazilian agro-business.