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IT Service

The projects may be for integration in functional areas of a company or organization or initiatives of high public impact implemented by an intensive use of IT.

Servicios TI - Full IT Outsourcing

These services support the business continuity of our customers by outsourcing all or a large part of the IT functions, which enables them to use their resources more efficiently, take advantage of economies of scale and focus their technology efforts on supporting their business. It includes Full Outsourcing, Datacenter Services, Cloud Computing, managed services and technology infrastructure, among other services.

Systems Projects and Integration.

This involves projects for the design and construction of solutions based on the integration of available technologies and services, whether provided by SONDA or by others. Those solutions include hardware and software, communications and business applications as well as start-up and, possibly, operation. The projects may be for integration in functional areas of a company or organization or initiatives of high public impact implemented by an intensive use of IT.

Managed Device Services

SONDA provides the infrastructure as a service, including PCs, tablets, printers, routers, switches and company-wide mobile device management (BYOD). This service transforms CAPEX into OPEX and frees up capital that can be used for the core of our customers’ businesses, in addition to allocating management of all devices to a specialist.


Infrastructure Support

These services are intended to support the hardware, software and communications infrastructure using the best practices in the industry, backed by brands and an ample regional geographic coverage. These services include the installation, operation, update and maintenance of hardware and software platforms and localization and problem-solving services implemented through help desks, technical assistance and IT asset management.

Datacenter and Cloud Computing

The Datacenter and Cloud Computing services that we provide have been designed to help our customers manage IT risk and maximize their performance through a set of services that are based on three fundamental pillars: security, availability and performance, to host, monitor, administrate, exploit, operate and maintain servers, communications equipment, data storage, basic software and applications, thus ensuring the operational continuity and security of information as well as a scalable physical and virtual infrastructure for our customers to implement their applications quickly and effectively.

We also have Tier III-certified datacenters in Santiago and Sao Paulo and Network Operation Centers (NOC) in Santiago, Mexico and Sao Paulo that enable us to ensure the quality, security and availability of the services provided by these Datacenters that are among the most reliable and modern in Latin America.

We are currently building the first Tier IV design-certified datacenter in Chile that will come on line in 2019. We plan to build another Tier IV datacenter in Colombia that will begin operation in 2020.

Professional and Consulting Services

They cover several spheres of action, from consulting to align IT to customers’ business strategies to the proposal of specific improvements to operating or administrative processes or a better use of IT. It encompasses, among other scopes, IT scanning, databases, operating systems, information security, infrastructure architecture and communications solutions.

Application Management Service

Through this service, the development, maintenance and support of software is managed strategically to help the company attain its business goals. The governance processes are clearly defined, so the service is highly efficient and effective in the different phases of development and throughout the life cycle, guaranteeing stability, quality and security in the operation of applications.