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We seek to enhance the professional development of all people who join our organization, from the beginning of their careers through various initiatives that are primarily focused on developing talent. If you're still wondering why you should join SONDA, here is where you can find out why this is the place you're looking for. Check out our videos!

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Roberto Jana

Corporate HR Manager SONDA

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Constanza Rodríguez

Regional Business Development Consultant

Guide yourself with the best! We want you to have all the possible tools at your disposal so you can develop your career successfully and that is why our collaborators shared their best tips to help you overcome different challenges.

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  • “Take every opportunity to learn, expand your horizons, and learn from people who have different perspectives and experiences. Look for ways to grow. Be proactive. It is the only way to develop professionally and get far."

    Guillermina Blanco

    Business Support

  • “Strive hard so that you don't have to look for opportunities, but so opportunities come to you. Be nonconformist. Always go further. Break the patterns and the positive results will return."

    Esteban Valenzuela

    Head of Project Management

  • “Work hard to achieve your goals. Focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Never stop studying. Learn to listen. Be very quick to adapt to changes. You need a lot of perseverance, because great challenges are not achieved overnight.”

    Andre Rodrigues da Silva

    Director Service Desk – WPS

  • “Aprovecha todos los recursos y oportunidades que se van dando en el camino, optimiza tu tiempo y recuerda estar siempre dispuesto para un aprendizaje constante y abierto a nuevos desafíos”.

    Edgar Batista

    Solutions Specialist

  • "Do what you like. Always come with a mind willing to learn and with a positive attitude. Then you can achieve everything."

    Luis Bustamante

    Business Development Consultant

  • "Always do your best. Do things well. When you are honest, people notice. Your coworkers and even your customers see it, so you can grow as a professional and as a person in leaps and bounds."

  • “Find the place where you are happy, where you feel comfortable and that allows you to grow. You will be more productive, you will have enjoyable days and even your work team will be the right one for you. This way, you will achieve every goal you set for yourself."

    Nicole Campos

    Head of QA, Smart Cities & Mobility

  • “Find a mentor, a leader you can follow and ask for advice, then show everything you know, everything you've learned from them. Believe in yourself and move forward. You will certainly be able to overcome all challenges.”

    Pablo Butler

    Business Analyst

  • "Your resilience, determination and concentration must be constant and daily at the start of a career, especially during this transformative moment in the world, where we seek to develop business solutions that generate financial, environmental and a social impact."

    Jeanne Cornélio

    Digital Business and Products Manager