SONDA’s Backup as a Service provides a service that can backup and restore information, to ensure operational continuity for the customer’s business, without the requirement to invest, manage, support or monitor the backup tool, while respecting the pre-defined policies.


Backup as a Service (BaaS) - SONDA




SONDA’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution covers:

  • Consultancy Collecting backup information, its volume in MB or TB, its type such as files, folders or applications, and preparing the customer’s backup policies and restore requirements (RTO, RPO).
  • Implementation Commissioning the contracted service, including performing restore tests using sample backup data to ensure that it functions correctly.
  • Manage and operate the backup system.

Backups can be performed on-site, at third party sites or on servers located at a SONDA datacenter.

Why use solutions that provide Backup as a Service?

Mauricio Strello.

Product Leader, Datacenter and Cloud Department at SONDA S.A.

Hacking, ransomware and data loss due to catastrophic events are becoming increasingly common these days. No-one doubts the need to regularly take backups of critical information, as this information differentiates businesses and enables success to be achieved. Various trends are increasing our dependency on data, and the volume of information that requires managing is therefore growing exponentially. IDC estimates that this volume of information doubles every year, and will reach 44 ZB or 44 million million GB by 2020. However, this information is also hyper-fragmented across public, private and hybrid clouds and networks, covering countless countries and continents. This triggers the requirement for really efficient data protection.

Some solution benefits

Ensures that backups are correctly performed.

Optimizes backup costs.

Installation does not affect business continuity.

Integrates with a variety of hypervisors, such as vmware or hyper-v, to protect data.

Restore tests do not affect productive environments.

Scheduled backup policy, in accordance with SONDA’s standards.

Security: encrypted data in transit and potentially in storage.

Restore times in minutes depending on the data volume and type.



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