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Best practices

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Best practice for IT service management.

PMO (Project Management Office)

Quality methodology for project management.

CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integrated)

Best practice for the development of software products.

Certified Processes

At SONDA our processes are certified to comply with international standards, to ensure the quality and efficiency of our IT services and solutions, which we are renewing, maintaining and increasing on a regular basis.

Quality Strategy

Our quality and management system has seven essential elements that are used to govern all the projects and services developed by SONDA:

  • Leadership and commitment from senior management: Support and commitment is an indispensable condition to ensure that a quality plan is viable, which at SONDA begins with senior management.
  • Practices driven by the vision: The development of these quality practices has been driven by following the steps, allocating resources and implementing corporate programs that recognize commitment to quality, its management and its results. The aim being to establish within SONDA a conviction that quality is fundamental to achieving our objectives, and that whatever it takes to minimize barriers to quality will be achieved.
  • Staff Commitment: Staff at SONDA are totally committed to quality, due to a management style that is based on two pillars: recognition and team work.  The continual commitment and rigorous application of quality principles at SONDA is based on recognizing work that meets SONDA’s quality standards, and providing the appropriate training programs and tools for our staff. Team work is essential to identify the people best suited to perform various tasks, and for peers to continually support each other regarding quality standards.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Customer satisfaction and the quality of process execution are regularly measured, and these can provide significant results that highlight further quality improvements.
  • Process-based approach:  SONDA addresses quality and process management by focusing on prevention and using quality assurance indicators.  At SONDA we emphasize the validity of processes that supply services, we don’t simply verify the final service. Therefore, we identify the critical steps that will be the focus for subsequent improvements, we incorporate these into the service process and the associated performance indicators, in order to monitor quality standards. Regular reviews of process performance indicators enable us to identify the causes of problems and implement preventive or corrective changes to eliminate or mitigate the problem by eliminating it or reducing the possibility of it recurring.
  • Continuous Improvement: This is a proactive process triggered by events. Our concern for continuous improvement requires us to be constantly on the alert for opportunities to add value and efficiency to processes.
  • Tools: SONDA has applications that support quality and management. These are instruments and evolutionary repositories of quality practices for service delivery. For example, the Moebius system was developed by SONDA, which automates the management processes for IT infrastructure, in order to manage the quality of services that are critical to the business. These tools are incorporated into the culture at SONDA and into projects with customers.