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We are facilitating the digital transformation

Moore’s Law says that approximately every two years, the number of transistors in a chip doubles. This exponential progression has led to the fourth industrial (digital) revolution that is changing both the way we do business and operate as well as the way that companies and organizations interact with their customers and stakeholders. We have been working at this pace since 1974, as agents of change, for our customers to progress. We accompany them in the process of interiorizing the digital transformation.

We are innovative in the supply of integral IT based on market demand. We do this on the basis of a profound understanding of the problems and business opportunities of our customers that are often part of their digital transformation challenges.

In recent years we have been actively formally talking with clients about co-innovation to capture the dynamics of the business world, which will be useful in creating new strategic guidelines and defining actions in line with the digital transformation phenomenon.

We are deploying a sectorial work plan that aims to share the challenges and agendas of the digital transformation of a group of customers in which material and differentiating changes are made to their base business or complementary businesses thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchains, the Cloud, 3D printing, IoT, social business, and/or big data.

In complement, with the help of the No Limits program at our UC Center for Innovation, we are pushing for the development of prototypes for solutions and services that explore the use and application of disruptive technologies.

In this latter context, we have worked on:

  • Smart Portfolio Management Systems: to manage investment portfolios via artificial intelligence.  Investment portfolio management requires a sound knowledge of theory and practice and the ability to analyze a great quantity of data in real time to make decisions.
  • Book-entry insurance contracts for insurers using blockchain technology. Here we are exploring the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts to design a smart contracts system.

In 2018, we also worked on adapting our End User Support services to the digital revolution through a novel Digital Service Desk portfolio that includes:

  • SONDA Mobile Support, a new omnichannel support solution: smartphone Chat, Portal Web, SMS, phone and WhatsApp using a customized app where the user can choose among a series of functionalities that range from reset and the unlocking of passwords to the monitoring of their service tickets.  They will be able to request equipment replacement, parking for customers or partners and meeting rooms, among other business needs, that include ERP, SAP and other legacy applications.
  • Corporate Onboarding Express, or COBE, is a solution for the incorporation and induction of new collaborators in the company that will materialize the digital transformation of the most important human resource process using functionalities of a corporate app: for example, e-mail accounts and a corporate profile will be created with all the permissions needed to use business applications.
  • Box Support, on the other hand, consists of equipment shipment, removal and replacement stations that are parametrized according to the client’s requirements. This will speed up the repair, replacement and shipment of equipment to the collaborators in an organization by means of an efficient, rapid and secure service that protects customers’ operating continuity.

In parallel, we have implemented regional solutions centers:

SONDA’s solutions centers bring together the know-how, experience and capacities required to effectively address the different challenges and needs faced every day by the companies, organizations and countries in our region.

The solutions that are developed and promoted through these centers combine multiple components, such as our experience, the latest technologies of the leading manufacturers in the world, implementation services, maintenance of the different hardware, software and communications components, and different services so that we comply with the service level agreements (SLA) stipulated in contracts.

There are five centers that complement our value supply:
Transportation solutions center

This solutions center develops, designs and implements projects relating to IT transportation solutions.
This is the market in which we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading players in the region, which is grounded on the experience of the projects implemented in Santiago, Panama City, San Salvador and Valparaíso, combined with a profound understanding of the problems and challenges involved in public transportation in Latin America.  Our knowledge of the technology that has been incorporated to transportation systems and the capacity to propose improvements based on trends in this industry and the latest technology have also enabled us to strengthen the solutions developed, ensuring that an appropriate cost level is maintained so as to offer cost-competitive solutions.

Transformation outsourcing solutions center

This solutions center handles the sale of large outsourcing contracts using methods based on the experience we have gained in regional projects. We can demonstrate the creation of value that accompanies IT service outsourcing.  A transformation outsourcing contract allows our customers to externalize all or part of their information technology, which simultaneously improves quality and reduces IT costs, while adding value to their businesses by raising their efficiency and competitiveness on the market in which they do business.

Smart city solutions center

This solutions center is in charge of the business of offering smart monitoring solutions to the entire region based on the processing of great volumes of information. This is done through the integration of equipment, sensors and software capable of identifying patterns that represent safety risks, and then issuing warnings about potential problems or risks to the safety of cities found in critical settings (prisons, power utilities, telecommunications, water, among other sectors) and at mass events (stadiums and areas with a great flow of people).

Security Operation Center (SOC)

This solutions center handles the business of security services.  The services offered here include monitoring, detecting, isolating, containing and managing IT security incidents, including work stations, perimeter security, applications and network services.

Monitoring IT infrastructure security events (including applications and databases) is intended to detect combinations of events that, if occurring simultaneously, represent a security risk that may compromise the information assets in the customer’s infrastructure.

Utilities solutions center

This solutions center aims to develop the utility business in the region by offering complete solutions to utility companies (electricity, gas, water, sewerage, public cleaning and smart cities), with a particular focus on commercial, technical and mobile solutions adapted to the reality of Latin America, in addition to projects and consulting. It also boosts alliances to make use of available resources efficiently and effectively, and generate competitive solutions by means of a service model that uses regional resources efficiently and by means of a business model with a strategy adapted to the customers in the region and the local setting, while staying on top of the latest technology, trends, competitors and innovations in this field.