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SONDA, technology to grow limitlessly.


SONDA is the leading Information Technology (IT) services network in Latin American. In its nearly 45 years of doing business in the region, it is known for providing an integral supply of IT services and solutions, for having a vision of being technology ally in projects, and for having a sound financial position with which it consistently provides services and solutions aligned to the business
strategies of its customers.

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Some of our partners are:

IT pioneers since 1974.

The leading IT service company in Latin America.

Provider of integral IT solutions.

Know-how and best practices.

Multi-brand integrator. We have different regional and local alliances in place.

Committed and flexible business partner.

Innovative solutions to overcome our customers’ challenges.

Financial strength.


Since 1974, the company’s mission has been to add value to the activities and businesses of our customers and drive their growth through a better use of information technology while at the same time building long-term relations where we intimately understand their everyday work and development.


SONDA’s vision is to use information technology to make public and private companies and organizations more modern, efficient and competitive, encouraging them to implement a digital transformation to project them towards the future.


A flexible provider

A wide range of IT solutions that add value to your business.

Committed business partner

Great record in the development of complex large-scale projects.

Quick response

World-class services based on the best practices in the industry, backed by the leading technology credentials and certifications.