Datacenter & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are the solution for organizations facing an explosive increase in demand, strong seasonal business cycles or resource use optimization, among other needs.

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SONDA developed the first enterprise cloud service in Latin America, as a result of reflecting on the multiple needs of today's businesses. This service is designed to meet the highest quality standards required by large and medium-sized companies, and whose three fundamental pillars are security, availability and performance.

Our enterprise cloud services provide the optimum solution to your challenges and business needs. This goal is achieved by combining the experience and knowledge of our IT professionals together with their understanding of local and global markets in various industries. This can be a long-term alliance, since we can also implement and monitor the solution, constantly evaluating it against the demands of the market.

SONDA Cloud Computing services are implemented on VBlock platforms, designed and built specifically for cloud computing and large-scale virtualization by Cisco, VMWare, and EMC.


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