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EMS – Enterprise Mobility Services

Our EMS solution provides a response to the huge challenge facing companies that need to safely and efficiently manage the extensive use of mobile devices in their business environment.

EMS is a comprehensive mobility services solution that begins with providing mobile equipment as a service through to providing the appropriate connectivity for remote operations. It includes device management and support that allows mobile users to work wherever they are and whenever required by the organization.

The solution includes procurement, configuration, distribution and maintenance services for mobile equipment, such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones. It provides brand new equipment, and manages back-up equipment stock and original spare parts. It coordinates visits and the required technical support to keep your equipment continually operational.

Furthermore, it provides local connectivity services for mobile equipment at the customer’s premises and network operational continuity.

  • Asset Management: includes the deployment and installation of applications on devices, through to managing devices, and monitoring inventory as users come and go.

    Data Security: covers the communication of encrypted data, ensuring that such information is visible to the final recipient. It also separates corporate from personal information for each user, safeguarding the handling of information that the company considers sensitive. If the device is lost or stolen, the corporate information contained in the device can be automatically and carefully eliminated. This runs in remote mode from a control console, which functions for any operating system.

    Email Management: includes installing a secure email configuration on employee’s devices, to transmit encrypted information. Email monitoring and management is performed using security policies by profiles.

    Geolocalization: enables devices to be tracked and monitored centrally, depending on the security parameters previously defined by the organization. Mobile Application Management: controls secure access to corporate and mobile applications, according to the user profiles defined in company policy.

Count on an expert

  • A supplier operating in ten Latin American countries, with over 3,000 cities covered.
  • Experience in networks, security, applications, devices and deployment projects.
  • Management capacity, with over 150,000 devices currently managed.
  • Multi-brand, multi-product service enabling hybrid integration, which complies with the security standards for various industries, such as banking, retail, health and others.
  • A supplier with vast experience, integrating IT services since 1974.
  • Quality services using guaranteed SLA’s. Our processes are certified to meet the ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 standards and use the best industry practices (ITIL).
  • We consolidate and reduce the number of suppliers required (one-stop shopping).
  • We employ highly qualified professionals, so customers can successfully address the continuing challenges imposed by incorporating new technology.

Business value

  • Safeguard the company’s strategic information.
  • Increase productivity by optimizing business processes.
  • Optimize IT costs by converting technology investments (CAPEX) into operational expenditure (OPEX).
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the volume of specialized services required.
  • Accessibility and availability.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and corporate image.
  • Introduce innovation into business models, products and services to increase competitiveness and revenue.
  • Provide leading-edge technology.