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SONDA Kudos Data Center inaugurates Tier IV era in Chile and Latin America

SONDA Kudos Data Center inaugurates Tier IV era in Chile and Latin America

The Uptime Institute awarded this demanding design certificate to the new data center that the company is building in Quilicura, which will be operational by the end of the year. It will also be the first of its kind in Chile to comply with the maximum world standard in construction and operation.

SONDA confirmed its recognized regional leadership in data center and cloud services and officially received a Tier IV design certificate for the new Kudos data center that it is building in Quilicura, adjacent to its Tier III data center certified in design, construction and operation. Therefore, Kudos stands out as the first data center owned by an IT services company in Chile and Latin America that has been designed to meet the most demanding international standards, which are the Tier IV standards. It will provide organizations throughout the region with access to fail-proof computing infrastructure, to address their Digital Transformation processes.

This qualification was awarded by the Uptime Institute and guarantees fault tolerance, continual availability and efficiency, to safely manage the huge volumes of information and data currently being generated by strategic businesses within the competitive world economy.

It was awarded to SONDA and is a true technological milestone for Chile and Latin America, strengthening SONDA’s position as the ideal business partner for companies in the region aiming to efficiently address their Digital transformation processes, using high-availability, secure and mission-critical services.

The Managing Director for Latin America at the Uptime Institute, Mr. Mozart Mello, mentioned the importance of this milestone for SONDA and Chile, remarking that “Tier IV is the highest standard certified by the Uptime Institute, which requires a fault tolerant Data Center.”

“Many companies across the world aim to meet this standard, but few actually achieve it, because it requires a large investment and complex demands. SONDA already took the first step, which is to certify the design of its new infrastructure, and we are certain that it will successfully comply with the other two standards, which cover sustainable construction and operation” said the Uptime Institute Executive.

The Regional Operations Director at SONDA, Mr. Gunther Hennigs, said that this award “confirms that Kudos can provide our customers with all the advantages of infrastructure, whose design, sustainable construction and operation complies with world class standards. In fact, Kudos is the Greek word used to praise a tremendous achievement, and the English language has adopted it to celebrate a job well done or an exceptional achievement. Therefore, our Quilicura 2 Data Center – Q2 – has been named Kudos to commemorate this technological breakthrough for the region.”

The Data Center and Cloud Services Director at SONDA Chile, Ms. Heidy Bauer, highlighted the thoroughness of this process. “We have precisely and rigorously complied with the standards and new practices that are required to fulfill the Tier IV standard. We have been working on this process for over a year, and our successful result indicates the commitment and professionalism dedicated to ensuring that its design, construction and operation will fully comply with all the parameters required by the Uptime Institute,” she said.

SONDA’s new Kudos Tier IV data center will be operational by the end of the year. Its design will be flexible and 4,000 m2 will be built in 4 phases, with 16 meeting rooms and 12 MW.

Only 47 companies worldwide (including four in Latin America) have certified Tier IV compliance for the design and construction of their data centers. Only twelve companies within this small group also have certified operational compliance, as will SONDA. This characteristic requires compliance with a large number of demands and limiting situations, in order to certify fault tolerance.

The current disruptive scenario facing all the strategic sectors of the economy is underpinned by new information technologies and paradigms such as IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Hybrid Cloud and XaaS (all “as a Service”). SONDA’s Kudos Tier IV data center will make a fundamental contribution to implementing these technologies within its customers’ strategic transformation and modernization processes, by delivering the efficiency, security and availability demanded for all mission-critical operations.

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