SONDA launched its modern Security Operation Center in Colombia for Latin America.

SONDA launched its modern Security Operation Center in Colombia for Latin America.

SONDA opened its cyber-security operations center on April 10 in Bogotá, following an investment of over US$850,000.

This new facility will provide organizations with cyber solutions that protect their information, using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic automated processes, data analytics, hybrid and private clouds, and other technologies.

SONDA’s new facility is supported by important partners such as: DELL EMC, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, Aruba Networks, Citrix, Cisco, McAfee and F5, who will support customer transformation and modernization processes.

In recent years Colombia has been victim to a significant number of cyber-attacks. A Cyber Police Center report indicates that they have increased by 30% compared to previous years. Therefore, risk prevention is important, but so is increasing the confidence of customers and the market, and minimizing the reputational risk to the companies concerned. A “roadmap” is required to support the basics and define a guide to measure and improve security.

Latin America registers over 746,000 malware attacks every day, which is an average of nine attacks per second.

Mr. Christian Onetto, Vice President of Transformation at SONDA, stated that “This makes the country a very important market for us, because the main reason for opening this cyber-security center is to prevent, strengthen and help resolve cyber-crime problems. We are also intending to make our own culture more digital, to take advantage of data, which is the greatest resource available to every kind of company today”.

The event was attended by customers, who received presentations from Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez, General Manager of SONDA Colombia, on the global and regional cybersecurity context, and Mr. Christian Onetto, on SONDA’s roadmap to protect its customers throughout the digital transformation process. Mr. David Pereira, Cybersecurity expert and International Consultant in Cyber-security and Ethical Hacking, also participated and demonstrated how easy it is to access sensitive personal and organizational data.

Mr. Onetto remarked on the expectations of this new cyber-security operations center when he said “We hope that it will support our customers, regardless of their nature, since there is obviously a very urgent need in certain industries.”

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