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Transformational Outsourcing

Do you wish to increase your market share and become an industry leader? Do you wish to expand or diversify your risks or simply improve your efficiency and productivity? All of these plans may be limited or delayed if your IT department cannot support your business goals and strategies.

Our Full IT Outsourcing services allow you to identify those technological services that add real value to your business, which will finally result in increased market share. Furthermore, our service aligns Information Technology to your business needs, making your business more efficient within a particular market, so benefiting from economies of scale, scope and speed. Your business will then be in a position to increase competitiveness in the local and international market, to stimulate new business opportunities, to develop and market new value propositions, and to share knowledge during the development of new business initiatives.

At present, IT departments still exist that are mainly dedicated to the maintenance of systems or their renewal to avoid obsolescence. The value they add is not related to the business itself, they remain purely reactive services, instead of being proactive. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that some companies are not able to keep up by themselves. IT leaders within these businesses become out of touch with global developments or the latest innovations.

To successfully compete in the increasingly globalized and competitive markets that operate today, it is vital to have an IT department that adds value to the business, whilst efficiently responding to basic operational needs and business continuity, etc.

“The world´s local it service”

The SONDA Full IT Outsourcing service includes the outsourcing of all or a significant proportion of the IT department at an organization, and can cover services, applications and/or technological infrastructure. These range from providing the platform (hardware), Data-center services, consultancy, application outsourcing and deployment, support and maintenance for all systems, and disaster recovery services or other specific services that add value to your business.

SONDA is a World Class technological operator and understands that each outsourcing service is designed for a particular situation, by providing just the right combination of services. SONDA successfully balances the two historically conflicting attributes of outsourcing: namely, the experience and economies of scale offered by a world-class company; against, an agile response that tailors a value proposition to each market.

When services are structured using ITIL processes, we can offer our customers services that use the best practices in the Information Technology industry, and consequently align these with the objectives of each particular customer. Such as, an efficient and prompt service at market costs, compliance with required service levels, capable management and administration, optimization of resources during the contract period and finally a quality management framework for new service implementation.

Our Experience

Success stories

SONDA endorses CINTAC in the Project of Operational Excellence with Integral IT Outsourcing

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Important Chilean copper producer remains at the technological forefront of the mining market with support from SONDA

Client: Important Chilean copper producer Industry: Mining Solution: SAP

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Pizarreño modernizes operation with Full IT Outsourcing by SONDA

Client: Pizarreño Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Full IT Outsourcing Category: Manufacturing

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