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Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Companies should plan to have flexible data storage and processing resources that adjust to the demands of their business, which can be due to a new system implementation, or when demand is likely to grow as a result of business growth or expansion.

Our Server Virtualization and Consolidation solution allows you to reduce space requirements in your own or third party’s data-centers, through the use of high-density servers (Blades). These provide an architecture that supplies servers in a flexible manner and on-demand, reducing down-time due to equipment failure or planned maintenance.

Our Experience

Success Stories

The Costa Rica Finance Ministry is modernized with one of the largest technological renewal and storage solutions in Central America

Client: Costa Rica Finance Ministry Industry: Governance Solution: Server Consolidation and Virtualization. Storage and Backupce

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The El Comercio newspaper renews its platform with a solution designed to provide better customer care and improve their IT management

Client: The El Comercio newspaper Solution: Hardware. Virtualización y consolidación de servidores. Almacenamiento y respaldo

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Treasury General of the Republic reduces costs and optimizes resources via Server Virtualization solution

Client: Treasury General of the Republic Industry: Governance Solution: Virtualización y Consolidación de servidores

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