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Federated Storage

The SONDA federated storage solution provides the necessary technology to ensure business continuity for our customers, mitigating risks and minimizing the costs associated with the failure of critical applications. This is achieved using latest generation equipment that consolidates storage resources and centrally manages them.

The Federated Storage Solution enables users to have local and distributed read/write access to exactly the same information in two locations at the same time. The main features are:

  • Dynamic data transfer between sites for load balancing between applications and for migrations.
  • Storage virtualization within data centers or between them.
  • Unification of storage resources.
  • Centralized storage management.
  • Strategic business applications are constantly available, even when incidents arise.
  • Expansion of distant clusters (distributed solution).

Business Value

Protects the organization's image

increases credibility and confidence in customers, partners and suppliers.

Recovery Time Objective

(RTO) equal or close to zero.

Protects the business

from unexpected interruptions.

Enables migrations

to be performed in a transparent and safe manner (asset-asset architecture).

Count on an Expert

Access to a team of specialized consultants

with extensive experience, who hold qualifications in the most commonly used methods in the IT industry.

Comprehensive knowledge regarding

the business requirements for IT management and its related processes.

Regional alliances

with major brands in the IT industry.

SONDA is a multi-brand partner

It provides the latest technologies to meet the customer's requirements.