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TS – Technical Solution

These days, we always need more time. Optimizing the use of our time is a huge challenge to achieving success and common goals and to completing tasks and other activities. It requires solving problems and avoiding as far as possible that your plans are interrupted by any impediment. Technical Solution (TS) is the most appropriate solution to manage tasks that involve planning, projects and maintenance.

TS is the best alternative for operating and managing networks and assets. TS can manage planning, operations, projects, construction and maintenance tasks, since it provides data visualization facilities supplied by the Geographical Information System (GIS), and it is completely customizable and compatible with market standards.

It is a complete solution with a robust and complete system capable of executing many functions. It has a mobility platform that sends service orders directly to teams and ensures that all information collected in the field is returned. Once in use, the module consists of a knowledge bank using Business lntelligence, which is built from the service order register. This allows inspection and preventive maintenance procedures to be continually improved.

The principal differential characteristics of our solution are as follows:

Integrated Applications: that respond to technical requirements, the solution has countless specific applications for the customer’s principal processes. The system uses software with the highest technology. It can provide a real time precise view of technical operations and can also provide updated information to analyze performance improvement;

Functions that are essential for the business: scanning and registration, network visualization, technical planning, losses analysis, network operations, inspection and maintenance, technical indicators and management reports. It also operates with mobility systems and can provide online information regarding call center services;

Business Intelligence: it can create a knowledge bank from service order registers, which allows inspection and preventive maintenance procedures to be continually improved.

Value for your company

  • Easy management of planning, operations, projects and maintenance tasks.
  • Enables the entire physical structure of a network to be controlled.
  • Facilitates visualization of data provided by the Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • Data that is complete, fully customizable and compatible with market standards.

Rely on our experts

  • Unified register with the CS platform.
  • Native real time information regarding the call center.
  • Potential failure point calculated instantly (other tools available on the market take on average 13 minutes to perform this calculation).
  • Georeferenced digitation of existing networks.
  • Manages all the assets in the distribution network.
  • Electronic calculations, simulations and network reconfiguration.
  • Maintains registers of the network topography.
  • Georeferenced views of all information.
  • Commercial and technical overall losses.
  • Manages network operations by controlling the dispatch of teams into the field.
  • Calculates continuity indices, such as DEC, FEC, DIC, FIC, DMIC and DCRI.
  • Calculates product conformity indicators, such as DRP and DRC.