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Billing and Collection

This is a specialized solution for Hospital Care Providers, which supports pricing for hospital services, and is responsible for administrating, billing and collecting those services. However, this critical provider process is not part of the "World Class HIS (Hospital Information System)".

Hence the importance of our solution, which addresses several aspects, such as:

  • Administration of multiple agreements with insurers, companies and groups of people.
  • Administration of bulk or individual billing to different entities identified as health service financiers.
  • Support for collection management processes when collecting from companies, insurers, and especially individuals. This support envisages electronically transferring information, and physically transferring only those documents that cannot be printed.
  • Administration of current accounts with medical professionals and others providing health services that have agreed financial incentives based on performance.

Our tool has modules that support processes within health businesses, such as:

  • Appointments
  • Current accounts
  • Collecting from the public
  • Collecting from companies
  • Billing
  • Cashier
  • Leased medical care
  • Medical fees and shared services
  • Tariffs and agreements
  • Budgets

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