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ealth services are currently very competitive. Patients are becoming steadily more stringent in their expectations, and choose health care providers not only for the quality of their medical services, but choose hospitals, laboratories and medical centers for their comprehensive care for patients. Whilst public and private health insurers choose the best comprehensive care for beneficiaries.

Information Technology is key to satisfying the requirements of both health care insurers and providers. Our IT solutions for insurers address the complex laws and regulations that require an acute integration with providers and online management of their beneficiary’s claims. Furthermore, they provide more efficient business processes, by automating processes and increasing the quality and timeliness of information, so this information is reliable and up to date when taking business decisions.

Our IT solutions for providers are essential to optimize the timely collection of medical bills, from patient discharge to the collection of the last balance on the corresponding medical account; to make the administration and management of medical accounts more efficient. Also to achieve a paperless clinical operation using integration and middleware tools, which help to incorporate greater data security and to manage millions of interactions between various systems, patients, doctors, insurers and medical suppliers, etc.

The Health Systems Division at SONDA has over 20 years experience in providing technological solutions to the health market in Latin America, which is based on a wide variety of projects implemented and quality certified in various countries across the region. This has enabled us to employ a large number of technology professionals that understand business processes in the health industry and how to make these more efficient, in addition to their professional IT skills.


Our health portfolio includes comprehensive, modular and scalable information systems, which address all the operational processes. For the insurance area it covers private health insurers, mutual societies and insurance companies. For the service providers area it covers private medical consultants, through to clinics, laboratories, dental centers, etc. Furthermore, we have developed an “electronic highway” or online medical authorization, to connect health service providers with health financiers, so that patients do not have to devote time to paying for health care and can focus on solving their health problems.

Finally, our Health Systems Division offers a service model that provides our customers with a single focus point to resolve all the issues surrounding information systems, providing a comprehensive approach to all other IT services such as: datacenter, platform, help desk, support, business continuity, and everything related to the lifecycle of IT.


There are three areas involved in providing health care to patients: financiers, who include mutual societies, private health insurers, insurance companies and welfare organizations; providers, who include clinics, medical centers and doctors; and support networks, which includes payment methods, electronic care authorization, electronic medical absence authorization and electronic medical accounts. The end-users of these services are patients who need these areas to coordinate extremely well, to obtain a high quality service that resolves their health problems. If these processes are well designed, valuable information for good health management can be achieved, and thus products can be designed that add value to the beneficiary and the business process. At SONDA we have worked in all of these areas over the past 20 years, which has provided us with wide-ranging knowledge regarding these business processes and how they interact.

Currently some of the our main health customers are: Las Condes Clinic, Santiago Alemana Clinic, San Carlos Clinic, Tabancura Clinic, Asomeduc, Megasalud, C. M. Occupational Hospital – HTS, Banco Estado Health Foundation, Syria Clinic, ELSA Laboratory (Integramedica), Megasalud Laboratory , Alemana Clinical Laboratory, Las Condes Clinical Laboratory, Tabancura Clinical Laboratory, Fonasa, Jeafosale, Consalud, SUSESO (Superintendent of Social Security), Occupational Safety Institute – IST, Mutual Security and Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation (Colombia).

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