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Financial institutions have been developing new ways of doing things, and seeking optimization, efficiency and above all, service differentiation. This aligns them with the market's requirements and expands their business options.

Customers are increasingly globalized, and seek financing packages that are increasingly complex. This requires institutions to incorporate sophisticated technological tools to efficiently support their business, operating and management processes, whilst at the same time complying with the strict standards required by market regulators.

The RealAIS Suite is SONDA’s integrated solution for investment banking and currency trading. It focuses on managing owned or third party investment portfolios, financial instrument brokerage, controlling and managing market risk, managing assets and liabilities, and managing national and international high-value payments.

The Investment Suite, Trader Live, was developed by Microsoft, and contains tools that analyze portfolios, optimize back office administrative tasks, and has facilities for extracting maximum value from historical information and other features that make up a complete and robust solution to manage currency trading and investment portfolios.

Both include services ranging from implementing the tool and its modules, through to licensing, support and version updates.

The Investment Suite RealAIS contains the following products:

  • RealAIS bank, for investments and currency trading.
  • Vision Plus, for managing assets and liabilities.
  • Metrics, for measuring and analyzing market risk.
  • Payment engine, for national and international payments.

The RealAIS Suite also has products covering private pension funds (AFP), general fund managers (AGF) and stockbrokers (CB).

The Investment Suite, Trader Live, has been developed using the latest Microsoft technologies, resulting in improvements to the system’s performance, whilst facilitating database maintenance and support tasks.

Count on an Expert

  • Fully localized product, which can become operational within tight deadlines and be aligned to the customer’s business requirements.
  • Highly customizable, as new investment products can be rapidly and securely incorporated (forwards, swaps and exotic products).
  • Competitive price with a good cost/benefit relationship.
  • Supports the negotiation process by optimizing the strategic negotiation process, adapting itself to the manner in which daily transactions are conducted, by configuring its internal workflow.
  • Reduces operating costs by optimizing back office administrative tasks.
  • Centralized information, using a central data repository that decreases the volume of daily cross-reviews and keeps investment information consistent when performing portfolio analysis.
  • Natural information integration, since it circulates in a natural way and without manual intervention between an institution’s departments (currency traders, treasury, risk and accounting).
  • New versions of the product will be provided while subscribed to the service.
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Success Stories

Banco de Chile implements SONDA’s RealAIS Investment Core for their Trading Desk

Client: Banco de Chile Industry: Banking Solution: Banca de inversión y mesa de dinero

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