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Organizations strive to achieve their short-term and long-term goals whilst responding dynamically and optimally to constantly changing market conditions. They are aware that economies of scale are vital to maximizing added value in each of their business segments.

Asset Management

A major challenge facing companies today is how to reduce management and maintenance costs for...

Asset Management
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Content Management

The information gathered by organizations is a fundamental asset, so its intelligent and efficient management...

Content Management
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As markets develop, they become increasingly efficient and competitive. Therefore, companies must develop even closer...

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Therefore, their critical business processes need to immediately respond to the requirements of the business, to the demands of their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  This requires the support of IT solutions that do not simply respond, but that can guarantee agile, efficient and optimum solutions to these challenges.

At SONDA we have developed partnerships with application and computing tools manufacturers combined with our own products that together cover a wide spectrum of technological support requirements for different business processes.

We provide first class tools and applications that address the challenges currently faced by most businesses, such as financial management and accounting (ERP), customer management and care (CRM), asset management, business intelligence, content management, process management (BPM), financial control, logistical control and foreign trade management.

We have extensive experience in products focused on the management and administration of taxation, foreign trade, transfer pricing, processes and administration, file validation, and we also provide BPO taxation services.

Furthermore, we have an important alliance with SAP that covers the most prominent markets in Latin America, which enables us to provide a wide range of services ranging from implementing large SAP projects through to the sale of licenses and consultancy. At present we have over 500 active SAP customers across the region and we are leaders in providing products that complement SAP for the Brazilian market.

SONDA customers who have chosen us to provide them with business management solutions include:

  • Customer management and care (CRM): Transbank (Chile), Universidad de las Américas (Chile), Universidad del Valle (México), Indumotora (Chile), Produbanco (Ecuador) and Banco de Guayaquil (Ecuador).
  • Asset Management: ESO Paranal (Chile), Methanex (Chile), LaGeo (México), Banco de Crédito (Perú), Panama Canal Authority.
  • Business Intelligence: Grupo Éxito (Colombia), Credibanco VISA (Colombia), Grupo Suramericana (Colombia), Tecnoquímicas (Colombia), CODELCO (Chile), Universidad de las Américas (Chile), Ministry of Labor (Chile), Internal Revenue Service (Chile).
  • Enterprise Content Management: Vale (Brasil), Metro (Brasil), CESPE (Brasil), PROCERGS (Brasil), SEBRAE (Brasil).
  • Process Management (BPM): Usiminas (Brazil), Tgestiona Offers (Brazil), Votorantim (Brazil), Liberty Seguros (Brazil).
  • Financial Management and Accounting (SAP ERP and FIN700 ERP): FIN700 is a Business Management Software solution developed by SONDA in Chile for large and medium sized corporations. Our FIN700 customers include: Clínica Alemana de Santiago (FIN700 Chile), Inmobiliaria Paz & Froimovich (FIN700 Chile), Telemercado Europa (FIN700 Chile). Nevertheless we have a high volume of SAP customers in various countries across Latin America, including: SKANSKA (SAP Argentina), Metro de Medellín (SAP Colombia), Fleury (SAP Brasil), Konica Minolta (SAP Brasil), Nokia (SAP Brasil) Sony (SAP Brasil), Bosch (SAP Brasil).
  • Foreign Trade Management: Our solution pw.SATI is used by 350 business groups, and controls 64% of the federal taxes collected in Brazil. Customers that have purchased this product include: Petrobras (Brasil), Natura (Brasil), Votorantim (Brasil), BR Foods (Brasil), Philip Morris (Brasil), Souza Cruz (Brasil); Goodyear (Brasil), MASISA (Brasil).