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Directors Comittee

In compliance with the stipulations set forth in article 50 bis of Law 18,046 on corporations, SONDA has a Directors Committee consisting of three Board members. Their functions are established in the legal framework currently in force. During the session held on April 24, 2017, the Board appointed Mr. Juan Antonio Guzmán Molinari, Mr. René Lehuedé Fuenzalida and Mr. Mateo Fernando Budinich Diez, all Independent Directors, to the Directors Committee.

The general activities of the Directors Committee include examining external auditor reports, the balance sheet and other financial statements and provide feedback before presenting them to shareholders for approval. In addition, they have to analyze information related to the operations covered by Title XVI of Law 18,046 and submit the report associated to said operations; examine payroll systems and compensation plans for managers, principal executives and workers; propose External Auditors and Private Credit Rating Agencies to the Board and prepare an annual report of their management term, including main stockholder recommendations, among others. 

Dividend Policy

The Board of Shareholders reaches a majority agreement on the amount of dividend, unless it is less than 30% of the earnings for the period, in which case a unanimous agreement is required.

For the 2018 fiscal period, the Board informed the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting held on April 26th, 2018 that it was their intention to distribute dividends equaling 50% of the period’s earnings and that it would be paid through a provisional dividend once the first semester of the period is complete, equaling 50% of the earnings obtained by the company up to that date, and a final dividend to be agreed by the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting once the period is over.


Corporate Governance Practices

El Directorio de SONDA ha remitido a la SVS las respuestas el cuestionario adjunto, con la información referida al 31/12/2014, en cumplimiento de lo dispuesto en la Norma de Carácter General N°341, que establece normas para la difusión de información respecto de los estándares de gobierno corporativo adoptados por las sociedades anónimas abiertas.

Cuestionario Norma de Carácter General N°341
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