The challenge of digitally transforming the customer and user experience

The challenge of digitally transforming the customer and user experience

The business environment defined by the digital revolution requires organizations to implement transformation processes that adapt their businesses to this new and challenging environment, and this implementation must be completed without affecting operational continuity.

Some of the objectives of these processes are to automate and digitize support and operational processes, incorporate innovative technologies and solutions that add value and efficiency, reduce the time-to-market for new applications and business, reduce operating costs, increase the productivity of employees and the entire production environment (partners, suppliers, customers), guarantee agile processes, rapidly and proactively resolve requirements and incidents, and improve security across all processes. Meanwhile, satisfied and committed users and employees are increasingly necessary, and this is achieved by providing them with the right tools to make their job easier, which improves their commitment and identification with the organization.

The main challenges that companies face when aiming to achieve efficient and successful digital transformation processes are organizational – modernization and cultural transformation within the organization that incorporates innovative and disruptive expertise – and technologies – infrastructure modernization, Active Directory, catalog and service model. These assume an exponential improvement by transforming the organization into a more agile and flexible structure to navigate with greater ease and responsiveness in an increasingly competitive environment. Where the largest company no longer eats the smaller, but where the fastest eats the slower.

IT services and solutions suppliers are clear that the formula for success in this field is through integrating experience, technologies, processes and people.

Therefore, we have configured a digital services portfolio that addresses the entire life cycle of customers’ businesses, from support services to solutions that take responsibility for core aspects of the customer’s business. We always keep the user/customer at the center, with the aim of improving their integral experience. Particularly where disruptive technologies such as AI-Machine Learning, blockchain, big data, and a cloud computing model or strategy (ideally multicloud) are crucial to achieving the proposed objectives.

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