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Universidad Mayor and SONDA allow thousands of students to access the results of the PSU and university applications

Client: Universidad Mayor Industry: Education Solution: Cloud Computing al servicio de la educación.


In January 2012, Universidad Mayor made available a website to publish the scores of the PSU (university admission test, by its Spanish initials) and other similar applications. This way, the students were able to access the website provided by the institution and browse it with no inconvenience whatsoever, in spite of the high demand.

Client Profile

Universidad Mayor is a prestigious superior education institution in Chile. Its primary function is professional education and covers a wide spectrum of subjects that includes administration, architecture, education, art, humanities, health, law, social studies, and technology, among others.


Business Need

An ad-hoc service to deal with the annual visitor peak

The University needed a flexible infrastructure that could support the thousands of people that visited the website; a situation that probably wouldn’t have handled with their own infrastructure.

The visits due to the PSU admission process represent the peak of annual visits to the University’s website. Because of this, it was essential to have a service that could cope with the expected high demand.


Herramienta Stingray para optimizar performance, acelerando tiempo de respuesta

La división de Cloud Computing de SONDA implementó tecnologías de aceleración de aplicaciones web, lo cual permitió que el sitio resistiera la gran demanda de estudiantes que buscaban conocer sus resultados de la PSU en el sitio de la Universidad, sin tener uqe crecer exponencialmente en infraestructura. De esta forma se optimizó la performance de la página acelerando el tiempo de respuesta.


Altos estándares de continuidad, seguridad y performance a pesar de alta demanda

La Universidad Mayor pudo cumplir sin contratiempos la muestra de puntajes de la PSU y de su proceso de admisión con altos estándares de continuidad, seguridad y performance.

Es así como el 3 de enero, fecha en que se dieron a conocer los resultados de la PSU, el sitio web tuvo 215.345 visitantes y un peak entre las 22 y 23 horas de 28.331 visitantes

Mientras que en el 15 de enero, fecha en que se conocieron los resultados de las postulaciones a las carreras universitarias, hubo 64.568 visitantes y un peak entre las 11 y 12 horas de 5.845 visitantes.


  • Flexible, safe, and sturdy service to cope with uncertain demand
  • Fast response time, easy access and high permanency on the site were the most popular benefits according to the users of the PSU site.
  • The hiring of this service was very important to meet an uncertain demand of visitors, since the flexibility of the Cloud was able to make the infrastructure of the University grow immediately according to the amount of visitors they were receiving.


“Publishing the results of the PSU for the first time was a challenge that we met thanks to our well-planned structure and the support of the worldwide supplier that is Qumulos, the Corporate Cloud by SONDA”.

Fernando Cifuentes, Information Technology Director of Universidad Mayor