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Cruz del Norte Hospital (SQM) increases operational and hospital efficiency thanks to SONDA solution

Client: SQM Industry: Health Solution: Suite Escritorio Médico Electrónico


Cruz del Norte Hospital, a company owned by SQM, was looking for a health technology solution that could be implemented quickly and easily in María Elena and Tocopilla, they also needed for this solution to be a fully online platform, as this hospital is in a mining area of difficult access. Thus, the Cruz del Norte Hospital put its faith in SONDA, in order to implement the Electronic Health System Desktop Suite, which guarantees support in the tasks of registration, administration and management in matters of Medical Appointment Scheduling and Booking, Payment Collection and Cash-flow, and Electronic Medical Record.

SONDA managed to implement a working solution in a short span, which covered the main requirements of the Cruz del Norte Hospital, such as organizing its information, and optimization of its processes for greater control of the resources used, both human and physical.

Client Profile

The Cruz del Norte Hospital, a company owned by SQM, is a health institution located in the town of Maria Elena, in Chile’s Second Region to the North, which aims to serve and meet the health needs of its beneficiaries.

Business Need

SQM, in their ongoing quest to improve the care of their employees and optimize the management of their institutions in service to them, needed a technology solution that was able to support and maintain, in a digital format, the information generated in the different administrative and medical units of the hospital, allowing greater control and a more efficient administrative management.

For this, and supported in a previous analysis conducted by SQM, it is determined that the data and many manual processes are not efficient enough to obtain information and results needed in a quick and controlled manner.


The system implemented in the Cruz del Norte Hospital, is the Electronic Medical Desk Suite, solution aimed for health centers or institutions of both medium and smaller-size, to manage the medical care of their patients, from the moment they request and make medical appointments, until they are treated in a medical consultation or emergency situation.

It is noteworthy that the solution is not implemented only in the town of Maria Elena, but is also up and running in the medical offices at the hospital in the city of Tocopilla, thus allowing them to maintain all administrative and medical information unified and integrated via a single solution, regardless of physical location.

This system is a technological solution via the internet, which meets all the needs of ambulatory providers. For a monthly fee for operating point, the client is provided with a standardized turnkey solution, without investing in computer centers, since the entire server platform is located in the SONDA data center in Santiago, effectively providing the management and monitoring services on said platform. With this, it is clear that the being located in remote areas or that are of difficult access, does not represent an obstacle or issue in the use of this technology.


With the implementation of this system, results were quickly visible, such as the organizing of information and immediate accessibility to it without having to look for paper charts in remote locations or dedicating personnel solely for the transport of papers (charts, forms, recipes, and applications). The solution also makes it no longer necessary to allocate space to store paper records, or using notebooks or forms to keep track of appointments and care of patients seen in the hospital, be it in ambulatory or emergency care.

As months pass, and having the system in place for more than a year in the Cruz del Norte Hospital, we have been able to confirm that the expected results have been achieved, thus having lots of medical and operational information in digital form, which allows better management of said information, with a greater control over the processes, obtaining the statistics required more easily and quickly.


We can identify several benefits and improvements that have been achieved with the implementation of the solution Medical Desktop Suite at the Cruz del Norte Hospital in Maria Elena, from those that are operational which support and help solve daily tasks within the hospital, to those that provide a broader view of processes and help attain better management in various areas. Some of these benefits are:

  • Online monitoring of the actual demand for different types of patients in the area, beneficiaries and SQM workers, as well as individuals that similarly require hospital care.
  • Broader view to efficiently manage the medical information of their patients, which by being managed electronically avoids the cost of manual logistics management.
  • Greater control of recipes, applications and subsequent release of drugs, as well as testing applications.
  • Decreased waiting periods and expediting of the appointment making process from the medical professional’s own exam room.


“SONDA’s solution implemented at the Cruz del Norte Hospital, company owned by SQM in the town of Maria Elena, has been a key tool in optimizing administrative and medical processes in a hospital that is far from the larger cities in the area, so it was necessary that the suite was installed in its full ASP (active server pages) version, to ensure its operational connectivity and continuity.”

Marcelo Castiglione, Health Division Manager for SONDA

“The mission of the Hospital at Maria Elena is to provide comprehensive health services of great quality to its assigned population, both to prevent and to solve health problems in a timely, efficient and kind manner, with the highest levels of quality. To accomplish this, it was essential to have a software tool appropriate to our needs. The Hospital Director appreciates the willingness of SONDA’s staff as they fully understood the needs of our region and not only did they adapt the computer system to our reality, but accompanied us throughout the process, which was the key factor in the success of this project.”

Bárbara Blümel, Manager at SQM’s Cruz Del Norte ISAPRE (health insurance) and Doctor

Jorge Rodríguez Gamarra, Director of the Cruz del Norte Hospital.